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Apr. 6th, 2015 11:26 am
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Word usage to look out for when you haven't got a Beta. (with particular reference to Iron Man and Avengers fandom). This doesn't cover grammar, canon, formatting or any of the other facets of betaing, just words that I've seen used where they don't belong.

If you're unsure of the difference between 'Affect' and 'Effect', 'Fewer' and 'Less', 'Callus' and 'Callous', or when to use an apostrophe (rule of thumb, apostrophe used where a letter is omitted, or to indicate possession where there does not already exist a possessive form without the apostrophe) then this might help you.

Proper use of possessive pronouns: its dog (the dog is its), his cat (the cat is his), her goldfish (the goldfish is hers), my aardvark (the aardvark is mine), your horse (the horse is yours), Our bunny (the bunny is ours), Their canary (the canary is theirs).

Then there are a few special cases- Whose elephant is that? (the elephant belongs to an unknown), and One's ferret (ferret belonging to a generic one- apparently in a tribe where ferret ownership is assumed).

This is a long list. I've been coming back and adding more as I encounter them. So far I've found no examples beginning with N, X, or Z.

I haven't time to beta for anyone,alas. )
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Have a bellyache, sought to console myself with AO3, but it's down.




Went to Spoonflower to admire the cute pillow mockup on my designs (I generate mockups on Spoonflower's sister site 'Roostery' and it had been automagically adding them to the design page at Spoonflower), but that seems to have stopped being added to new designs. This one I did on Dec. 1st has the pillow mockup.


The next design I made was on December 5th- no pillow mockup.


So I went over to Ipernity to read the latest comments in the English version of the 'Ipernity going unless a white knight buys the site' and that's just sighs and sadness. :^)

Hmmm, Happy Birthday, Marian?? Imma gonna look for happy videos. :^)

Ok, after several failed attempts I found a happy animal video I like. Some kind of multi-species animal sanctuary, specializing in elephants- but there's cats, and dogs, and cattle and water buffalo, too, all having room to run freely and friends to play with and things to do for amusement. (there's one crippled dog, briefly, but well cared for and happy, running around with a little cart to support it). The music isn't even as annoying as most of these videos. :^)

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When an audience loves your performance they give you a standing ovation.

When an audience hates your performance they throw rotten eggs.

Isn't 'ova' another word for 'eggs'?
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Just saying, when you want to grow flowers from seed, it's REALLY nice to plant them on Dec 2 and see sprouts on Dec 5.

Also, did you know there's a Mistletoe BIRD? This is cool. Spoonflower's latest contest (entry deadline tomorrow) is for a Mistletoe ditsy (in fabric terms that's a small scale, non-directional, scattered design), and while I was trying to find an idea via googling I saw a photo of a rather drab bird eating mistletoe berries, so I googled 'birds that eat mistletoe' (something like that) and found the most beautiful little bird in Australia (blue-black, scarlet-orange and gray-white markings) that eats mistletoe so much one of the common names is Mistletoe bird. YAY.

So I've drawn birds and berries, and scanned and now am redrawing them in Elements.

I wound up making 2 versions- a ditsy for the contest. Because it had to be so small, I used white instead of light gray, so it would print better (white is absence of ink, so there's less 'bleed') http://www.spoonflower.com/designs/5983609-mistletoe-ditsy-birds-by-eclectic_house

And a slightly larger directional one, with a bit of shadow for 3-D and tiny white dots on the berries, to give them a bit of shine, arranged so makes a vertical zig zag in repeat. http://www.spoonflower.com/designs/5983335-mistletoe-birds-by-eclectic_house
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I had lengthy venting, but then I went off to do something, and had a shower, washed my hair, got something to eat and no longer cared to vent.

Summary for those who hate mysteries:

1) Swatches misprinted. Spoonflower says they'll reprint and FedEx.

2) Found a photohost mentioned on the Ipernity WHINE and MOAN post
www.23hq.com but I never heard of it, and I'd searched, so meh.

3) Was attacked by a weed that stuck invisible thorns in my trousers. Threw them out. (The Weed, the stickers and the trousers.)

4) Dreamed about beating a dog to death because it wouldn't stop barking and flinging itself at me. This is undoubtedly based on the neighbor's dog who hates that I'm working in my OWN YARD.

5) Gonna be 60 on Wednesday. This is not possible. I am Sweet Sixteen at heart. Yeah, yeah, the rest of my body says.

(Oh, and I forgot- when Ipernity goes, my NAARMAMO photos, AND photos I put on some fics at AO3 will vanish, too. Some of the photos were on other people's stories. *sigh*.)
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One of my few Ipernity contacts blogged that the Ipernity photo host I've been using for years is closing.

Apparently early this year they knew they were in trouble, but I never heard about it. Today I found the official post confirming it. They're probably going to shut down on Jan. 31, 2017, or shortly thereafter.

So I have to search for yet another photo host.

I need a photo host that will allow (if I have to pay a reasonable fee, like $25 a year, that's ok) unlimited uploading of groups of photos (if I have to upload 1 at at time, that's a dealbreaker) and allow photos to be shared not only on their site, or personal blogs, but on Spoonflower (Spoonflower doesn't hotlink, it loads the photos and keeps them, it's not a bandwidth issue, just that some sites don't allow commercial use.)

I will not go with Flickr because I'd have to sign up with Yahoo *and* give them my cell phone number. I'm not willing to give any site my cell phone number or to store my credit card number for mandatory autopay.

Please spread the word- I have so few contacts these days, I need all the suggestions I can get.
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FINALLY I wrote something. It's an MCU AU Crack Treated Seriously Fix-it of Captain America: Civil War. I've been in not-writing mode forever, but finally watched the DVD & had a dream that made more sense to me than the movie. :^) Well, my kind of sense.

The fic at AO3. Or...

the whole story right here- it's short )
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I google animals a lot, always did. I collect pics to admire and use as general references for art (general, like 'this breed of dog has this body proportion') but the last few years more and more I come across articles about health problems.

Won't get into the numerous reasons for the problems or lay any fault- there's too much emotion and too little logic involved.

I just found it really weird that when I got curious tonight and did two Googles- one for 'Least healthy dog breeds' and one for 'Healthiest breed of dog' one breed wound up on the top result list for BOTH searches.

So strange. For Least healthy, the Australian Shepherd came in first place. For Healthiest, the Australian Shepherd came in second.

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Today until noon EST Oct 20.

Details here.

Gotta rush to fix up new designs I just got swatched. :^)

You can check my shop out, as always new stuff- been working on African mudcloth the last few days- none of them are for sale, which is a shame cuz I think they turned out really lovely.

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Recently Spoonflower's started putting mockups of products on our design pages from their associated offshoots- Sprout (clothing, bags, hats, etc. sold either as printed out in pattern form or you pay to have them sew the items, too.) and Roostery (home furnishings, pillows, napkins, place mats and chairs, so far, only sold as finished items). The commission structure is the same, except it's judged by how many pixels of design are used (weird).

So when I saw a bunch of my designs now have pillow mockups (with links to Roostery), I was, Ok, fine, pillows are the most likely sellers I think. But I saw my large giraffe spot pattern on a dress and I was... Umm...

AND then they emailed me the Sprout newsletter for Halloween. A billion photos of a woman wearing a black and yellow striped dress she wore as a bee costume. Eh. BUT scrolling, scrolling down there were a few Sprout costume ideas, including my giraffe spots on the dress.

Not that I think anyone's going to spend $98 to sew themselves a giraffe dress (and more if they paid to have it sewn), but it's neat to see it. And heck, maybe people will come to Spoonflower to buy some giraffe fabric- it'd make cute pillows.

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Somali Wild Ass, female Banteng, female Gaur, Addra Gazelle, female Sable Antelope, young Addax and young Arabian Oryx.

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Spotted hyena, Small clawed otter, King vulture, Asian Elephant, Bactrian and Dromedary camels.

9 photos )
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Duck, Asian Glossy Starling, 2 pics of a Nicobar Pigeon, Straw-Necked Ibis, Chinese Pond Heron, Victoria Crowned Pigeon, and some kind of dove. (I tried to identify these birds, but if you put 'Asian Dove' into google, you wind up with a lot of photos of women!)

8 pics )
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Serval, Cheetah, Lion, Jaguar, Tiger, Clouded Leopard, and Florida Black Bear. (Couldn't resist putting the bear here, so I'd have Lion and Tiger and Bear, OH MY.)

The zoo has a little show twice a day and the animals shown there are not on exhibit elsewhere, so if you miss the show you won't see the serval, or cheetah. SO sorry I hadn't figured out the ISO on my camera ahead of time because many of my photos were ruined by motion blur. Still, I got enough good ones to share with you guys.

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I got really, really close (in a respectful, cautious manner) to this bird in Amelia Earhart Park. Awesome creature.

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These weren't taken at the park (although I did see one there) but from my computer room window, looking out at the bougainvillea). I suspect this is the same bird I've seen several years in a row, usually in the last few months of the year.

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Really was a good photography day- hardly any clouds.

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There are some in this post that I *think* are black spiny tailed iguanas. And there are 3 baby iguanas, but I have even less idea what species the babies are.

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There are 2 species of iguana in the park- hard to tell them apart because they are very variable in color and spine length, etc. The black spiny tailed iguana and the green iguana seem to live amiably together-- don't know if they could/would/do hybridize, but if they do that would make it even more confusing. The green iguana is extremely variable in color- I *think* the orange color indicates a male in breeding condition- and I *think* it's only the adult green males that develop a large round disk on the throat, and I *think* it's only the black spiny tail who can have rings of bumps around their tails, and I *think* the females of both species have shorter spines on the neck/back but I woudn't bet on being right on any count.

If you click on any pic it'll take you to Ipernity where I've added notes to the pics.
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Still have lots of pics to put up, but I think it better to sort out the iguanas separately in case they creep people out, so this is just a few non-iguana pics. IF you click on any of these pics, it'll take you to my Ipernity where I've added notes to the pics.
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It's taking a while to sort & fix up pics, so there will be more photos later, possibly today, but more likely tomorrow. Expect iguanas, red shouldered hawk, american redstart, white ibis, and possibly a few squirrel and pony pics from Amelia Earhart Park. There will also be zoo pics, but I've not sorted them yet. A lot of them were blurry cuz I hadn't yet figured out how to change the ISO on my newish camera. Darn. I may have to cough up the $$ to go back to the zoo later this year-- maybe as a birthday present to myself.

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