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Apr. 6th, 2015 11:26 am
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Word usage to look out for when you haven't got a Beta. (with particular reference to Iron Man and Avengers fandom). This doesn't cover grammar, canon, formatting or any of the other facets of betaing, just words that I've seen used where they don't belong.

If you're unsure of the difference between 'Affect' and 'Effect', 'Fewer' and 'Less', 'Callus' and 'Callous', or when to use an apostrophe (rule of thumb, apostrophe used where a letter is omitted, or to indicate possession where there does not already exist a possessive form without the apostrophe) then this might help you.

Proper use of possessive pronouns: its dog (the dog is its), his cat (the cat is his), her goldfish (the goldfish is hers), my aardvark (the aardvark is mine), your horse (the horse is yours), Our bunny (the bunny is ours), Their canary (the canary is theirs).

Then there are a few special cases- Whose elephant is that? (the elephant belongs to an unknown), and One's ferret (ferret belonging to a generic one- apparently in a tribe where ferret ownership is assumed).

This is a long list. I've been coming back and adding more as I encounter them. So far I've found no examples beginning with N, X, or Z.

I haven't time to beta for anyone,alas. )
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So far, so good. Yesterday I was too tired to do yard work and I wound up doodling a weed flower fairy. Today I decided it was a Spanish Needle weed flower fairy, and googled Spanish Needle & came up with several sites saying how great it was to eat, & how healthy it was, etc.

burp )
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My outside thermometer says it's 103.6 degrees outside. I don't think I can do much yard work today.

Tarzan, your jungle is calling you )
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Spoonflower recently introduced another offshoot, Roostery. Roostery lets you choose a Spoonflower design and a product (currently limited to two slightly different knife-edge pillows, two sizes of napkins, a tea towel, and placemats). They print, cut, sew (and in the case of the pillows, add a stuffing insert) and mail you the finished item.

They don't yet have a search by designer, BUT you can find any Spoonflower designers' stuff by using a specific URL format.

This is mine:

To see any other SF designer, just replace eclectic_house with the name of their Spoonflower shop.

Currently the first time a design is viewed it has to be clicked on to generate a mockup on the products (takes a few seconds, up to a minute) BUT once a mockup is generated, the mockup is stored & can be seen immediately. I've been generating mockups the last few days, but there are plenty more untouched, if you want the excitement! *grin* of being the first to view one. They look really cool in the pillows, I think.
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Stayed up til about 5am following old links to old SGA. Should NOT do that, a lot of the links are dead, which isn't a problem, some of them lead to 'buy this website' which is not a problem, but SOME of them lead to Evil sites that try to get you to click on downloads/upgrades, etc. and may even LOCK you onto the page to try to force you to DL evil.

So after being woke up after about 4 hours sleep

not much brain function here, but links at end to some pretty custom pillow mockups with a few of my designs )
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I've been in fic reading mode forever. Went on an Iron Man/Captain America/Avengers binge, followed by a Teen Wolf binge, and am currently on Stargate Atlantis and found a series of thematic recs & most recently was reading AUs where they're always animals, are shapeshifted animals who retain human minds, or are transformed into real animals (with possibly human minds, but not always.)

So, anyway I napped, and dreamed.

Separating the sheep from the goats )
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Had a bellyache so didn't feel up to doing anything strenuous, but wasn't quite tired enough for a nap, so I decided to look for more old Stargate Atlantis fic (been re-reading old favorites & have gone through most of the high Kudoed ones on AO3) so I went back to an old SGA McShep AU list on line.

in which I hunt )
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This week's non-contest prompt at Spoonflower is 'Vintage Flamingos' (including plastic lawn flamingos) so naturally the first thing that came to my mind was a series of photos I'd seen a while back where the T-rex plastic skeleton (accurate cast of Sue) on Google's 'campus' was gradually attacked by plastic lawn flamingos, since Google likes letting people fool around with harmless stuff.

So, I googled T-rex pics after drawing one from imagination which wasn't quite right, and see that the scientists have changed their minds yet again on how it looked.

I knew that they'd decided some years ago that dinos were muscular, not skinny, and that the bipedal ones 'hands' couldn't turn at the wrist as people's do, and that a large number of beautifully preserved fossils found in China showed evidence of feathers or at least proto-feathers on many dinos. Some of the fossils even had soft tissue! One T-rex had soft tissue in the marrow that contained a substance only found in ovulating birds! Which was really cool as it not only proved that the fossil was a female, but added further evidence to dinos close relationship with birds.

So I wasn't surprised that they now think T-rex had at least some feather coverage. But I didn't know they'd also decided the upright posture previously depicted would be unfeasibly difficult for the bone structure, so the new pose has the back nearly horizontal. AND they found evidence of enamel on the teeth (and enamel needs protection from the air), plus tiny holes above the teeth which are usually channels for nerves for lips, so they now believe T-rex had lips.

This is a whole new critter to me. I wound up using only some of what I learned because I don't think most fabric buyers would recognize T-rex with feathers.

Anyway, I also found this really lovely 3-D animation of a T-rex as currently envisioned, walking along, turning, etc.


Oh, and in case you're curious about my non-accurate T-Rex in conflict with Lawn Flamingos, here it is.

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In case anyone was thinking of buying something from Spoonflower but was put off by the cost of shipping, today the shipping is free, no matter what you buy (fabric, wallpaper-which can be bought by the swatch for crafting purchases- or giftwrap) or where you live. They now have guest shopping so you don't have to sign up for anything.

This offer runs between Monday, July 18th 12pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and 12pm EDT on Tuesday, July 19th. (I've TRIED telling them there is no such thing as 12pm or 12am, just noon and midnight, but it hasn't sunk in. Anyway, it started at NOON, so it will end at 12 noon EDT. tomorrow).

You can see more details here.


You can get any of the zillions of designs on Spoonflower, of course, but here's my shop if you'd like to see what I have- over 2,300 designs at the moment.

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That's a book you read at bedtime, either to relax yourself, or to read to kids. :^)
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The past couple weeks have been not terribly great, but I've been trying. Been dizzy a lot, esp. when I lie down to sleep and when I get up, so I figured get back to yoga & I've been getting a bit further along every day & the dizzy is becoming less (no dizzy this morning!).

In which I whine )
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Called taxi to go to the Postal Orifice, but while I was waiting, I saw one of the chickens in the yard- haven't seen them in days. So I grabbed my camera and went out and POP and overheated plastic smell.

ARGH. The flash was going off with it in the 'down' position, even though it wasn't set to flash and the pop up release won't work.

After I went to PO & got back home I googled & found a couple videos where people fixed the 'won't pop up' issue (either by putting a spring back in place, or by supergluing a broken part that was holding a spring in place), but it's a bit scary-- for one thing the flash has a capacitor?? energy holding thingie and if you touch THAT you will get painfully zapped.

But the flashing while down issue is something else, which probably requires parts. So now I'm looking up repair places. And NONE of them give any kind of idea of price- not even a 'minimum'. Hmmm... there isn't a reasonably close repair shop even if I didn't specify Nikon. There's places I could mail the camera off to, but I've had poor luck with mailing things to be fixed, they take forever and when I get it back, it's either still broken, or has a new thing wrong.

Maybe I'll just use it with the flash pried up and going off every time. It's 5 years old and discontinued--maybe I'll buy a new camera? I dunno...
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(Very interesting article, with references to human genetics, too.)

There's an especially beautiful pair of twin tabbies who are very likely identical twin chimeras- they're a patchy mix of red classic (non-dilute color) and lavender/lilac (dilute color). Normally both colors can't be expressed in the same cat.


I hadn't thought of it, but there is increasing evidence that Chimerism is a more common cause of calico/tortoiseshell male cats than XXY chromosome abnormality (which causes sterility). In chimerism, two fertilized eggs fuse to become a single individual. Most of the time chimerism goes unnoticed, and it's usually only when genetically 'impossible' combinations have a visible result that they're suspected.

So it's quite possible that a male calico or tortoiseshell cat can be fertile if it's a chimera. Whichever of the fused embryos' cells wound up in the reproductive organs will be the one that determines what the offspring inherit.

And there's also spontaneous somatic mutation, in which cells 'switch off' one expression-usually this occurs in one place, or a few areas, but it's unlikely to result in an overall calico/tortie effect. You'd be more likely to get a single patch of 'impossible' color- quite often 'red' will switch to 'black'.
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There were 6 young chickens in my yard a few days ago- 2 white and 4 brown. They were noisily peeping and running from me whenever I got closer than about 12 feet.

There's at least 6 young freeborn cats in my neighborhood who visit my yard frequently.

No cat on chicken violence, just mysterious disappearances. )
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I know there ARE male calico cats. They're uncommon, and most of them have genetic faults including sterility, but some are perfectly healthy. BUT...

I just came across illogic so bad, I had to share it. Also I'm resting up before I shower so I'm rambling.) )
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Sprout Patterns is an off-shoot of Spoonflower. Can't remember if I told you guys about them. I was waiting to see if it lasted & it seems to be staying.

They print a cut and sew pattern filled with a Spoonflower design and send you the fabric for you to cut up and sew yourself. You can use any 'for sale' design from Spoonflower to fill the sewing patterm, or you can select a project where someone else has chosen the fabric design and saved it as a public project.

They've been gradually adding patterns, and now they have some dog coats. I couldn't resist putting some of my doggie designs in and saving them for public use. Nice thing is that now you get the option to post a mockup of the project on the fabric page at Spoonflower.

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The company that made the Red Heel socks sold the rights to the name & manufacture in 1992, but I've seen the new socks. NOT really the same. Fortunately, I had pack-ratted some original Rockford Red Heel socks decades ago, and I remembered the second critter patterned after the Sock Monkey was an Elephant. So I made an elephant to go to the neighbor's grandbaby cuz the baby's room is elephant-themed.

I did, for once, remember to take photos before giving it away. :^)

8 photos of a genuine Red Heel Sock Elephant )
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*whew* Took an hour, starting with telling the greeter at the front of the store that AT&T told me to get a free replacement phone at the local store because their service change would make my old phone not work. His reply, 'no, we have no free phones'.

Took out my phone, scrolled down to the text from AT&T and read it aloud to him as I showed it to him.

He went to talk to the manager & it was a lot of waiting and back and forth, but finally, YES, I have a new phone. I had a choice of three, but after seeing my... I dunno, 10 year old? Motorola brick, he recommended the simplest, an LG B470 flipphone. Fine by me, I have my same old number & am not signed up for any monthly plan, still on the pay as you go. He didn't even take the old phone, which is good as it's got a few sentimental texts on it I'd like to preserve.

Shall have to read the manual, but later, am exhausted. There was loud music, there were at least a dozen people (and at least 3 conversations going on at once) and there were all sorts of visual, audio distractions, plus tension of confrontation. So I'm all trembly and not clear thinking now.

Need to go out and chop down a bush so neighbor will have free access to the next AC on the todo list.

EDIT: There were 4 informative documents included-an 80 page bilingual booklet describing every detail of all the GoPhone Plans in 1/8 in. tall black type, a 60 page bilingual booklet describing every possible legal and medical detail of the phones Product Safety and Warranty in 1/16 in. tall gray type, a 28 page bilingual booklet giving the basics of GoPhone in a variety of type sizes from a bit larger than 1/8 to something like normal book type size- a lot of it in ORANGE on white, or WHITE on orange which is very nearly invisible...

And the actual features and usage of your phone guide? One sheet of folded shiny paper in English (just glad it wasn't Spanish only, cuz I do not read Spanish) that tells you how to set up your phone and do a few things, mostly by showing you photos of the phone in use. That's it. I had to download a manual to find out how to change it from vibrate to ring.
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*sigh* Have run a small load of laundry through full drying cycle several times & it's still damp... maybe if I run a line across the dining room the new A/C will dry stuff.

Tomorrow I have to fight AT&T and then the next day go back to A/C installing. Looking for appliance repair guy will have to wait.
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Wow. My neighbor is a saint. He came over in the morning and together we took out the old AC and discovered that the new one was just a LITTLE too big to fit into the hole. House is cement block construction and ACs are installed permanently in the walls, not put in as window units. (Need AC nearly all year, so there'd be no point taking them out.)

He chiseled. He hammered. He toted and hauled. He measured. He scraped. He went to the store and bought cement to fill in after he had to carve away a block, leaving a hole in the wall.

And now it's done and I have a working AC, 18,000 BTU in the dining room (house is open plan pretty much so the AC has to cool the dining room, the kitchen and the living room etc.)

Two more ACs to go and I'm pretty sure both of them will be more wall bashing. But not tomorrow. Tomorrow I go to fight AT&T.
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Decided to see if there was a real Derek Hale, so I googled and paged and paged and paged past all the Teen Wolf Derek Hale until I found this.

This Derek Hale is the admissions counselor for Shorter University, which has the motto 'Transforming Lives through Christ'. This page even lists his email, which... dhale! He's also kinda a neckbeard. TW's Derek's scruff is much prettier, IMO.

And then I found a site where you can 'mix' your own blend of teas from their given ingredients, and name them, label them and hopefully offer them for sale (I don't know what you get if someone buys, maybe store credit). For the most part the teas are named for Fandom characters with the blends supposed to make you think of them. And some of the teas are 'ships! :^)


For example 'Derek Hale' Tea is in a 'ship with Stiles Stalinsky!
Stiles Stalinski

The site amuses me. There's a lot of Teen Wolf teas, not all that many Avengers. I didn't search very long, but the only Avenger 'ship I found was Captain America and Bucky Barnes. It only had a few reviews & none of them liked it. In contrast there were a lot of reviews on the Derek and Stiles' teas and the reviewers nearly all loved them.

Works for me. I love Sterek, but Stucky is not my thing at all.
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