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As seen on lost_spook at DreamWidth, and astrogirl2 on LiveJournal.

List the first five (or so) lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether. WIPs count). See if there are any patterns.

Most recent first:

1. Beyond Impossible (Mission Impossible- the original TV series- written for Tic Tac Woe- an apocalyptic Bingo challenge)

"Barney, how did the mission go?" Mr. Phelps lifted his head and whispered. His head hurt and the room was dark and echoed. It was also cold and damp and smelled of mildew. It seemed likely they had retreated to an old bunker.

2. Malocclusion (Monty Python-esque 5 sentences is nearly half of it!)

The creature of the night slipped out of the gloom, twirled his cape and sunk his fangs deeply into the unsuspecting passerby, who yelped in surprise and said, 'Excuse me! I'm a vampire, too, you know!'

The first vampire withdrew his fangs, and apologetically dabbed at the other one's throat with a clean handkerchief.
"Oh! I'm so sorry. I lost my contact lenses and now I can't see a thing in the night!"

Mollified, the second vampire replied, "I used to have that problem, and then I got a seeing-eye bat."

3. Cool Headed (Teen Wolf- written for Tic Tac Woe- an apocalyptic Bingo challenge)

Derek loped through the snow, pads spread wide to avoid breaking through the crust. His prey had the advantage by being better adapted to endless winter, so silence was essential. His fangs showed. After all that worry about global warming, all it took was one idiot thinking a first strike would make him popular to bring about nuclear winter instead.

Or at least that's what Stiles thought had happened.

4. O eggs, Never Fight with Stones (Blake's 7- written for Tic Tac Woe- an apocalyptic Bingo challenge)

Blake stood over Avon's body. He looked down and smiled, mirthlessly. "That's one thousand, five hundred and eighty two for me."

"Avon has you beat," Cally said, crouching behind a pile of Federation uniformed corpses. "His score is at..."

5. No Hard Feelings, Cap (MCU AU)

Tony was two when he broke both legs leaping from his bedroom window. Howard heard the crash and ran, but by the time he got there, Tony was trying to sit up and pull away the sheet tangled around him.

"Tony! God. What were you thinking?"

6. Scarlet Gets the Blues (Avengers Comics-written for Tic Tac Woe- an apocalyptic Bingo challenge)

"The Scarlet Witch cast a spell," Steve said, entering Tony's workshop unannounced.

"I hate magic," Tony said, automatically. "What did Wanda do?"

"She said 'no more mutants' and it's happening."


7. Child's Play (The Addams Family- original TV series- written for Tic Tac Woe- an apocalyptic Bingo challenge)

"Mother? Father?" Wednesday walked in the front door. She had been annoyed at first when the bus driver never picked her up from the school bus stop, but on the walk home she'd seen a shrike impaling a colorful songbird on a thorn bush and that cheered her up. Nature was beautiful.

8. A Little Merchant Prince (fusion of 'A Little Princess' (the book) with MCU, emphasis on Tony Stark, with added characters from the comics to fit the roles from A Little Princess.)

Tony kneeled up on the car seat so he could look out the window at the huge brick building the car was approaching down a broad graveled driveway. The building was full of windows like blunt teeth, and surrounded by ruthlessly cropped grass, nothing like Stark mansion with its flowerbeds and fancifully cut hedges and beautiful draperies. He doubted there was a menagerie. There certainly was nothing to appeal to a flamingo. Tony would miss Bernard and the other animals.

9. Forever Homes (Fluffy MCU AU pre-Stony based on Tumblr prompt)

Tony wondered if the man was doing performance art, or maybe just self-advertising. "BEAUTY!" the big blond guy shouted. His t-shirt was way too tight. Tony could see the individual abs flexing. Then Blondie bent over and half crawled under a bush, which gave Tony a better view of his considerable assets.

10. Peppered Dragon (Iron Man comics/movie fusion with Dragonriders of Pern 'verse).

Virginia waited until long after sound of the bandits' runner beasts had settled into silence before she pulled herself cautiously from her hiding place between two boulders. Women didn't usually lead trading families so to avoid unnecessary hostility she habitually made herself scarce when other trader caravans crossed their path and let her second in command, Hogan, size them up.

This time it had saved her life. She looked around at the carnage, dry-eyed. Her people were all dead.

11. Leprechauns Can't See Green, Either (MCU AU Fluff very short- a joke shouldn't wear out the audience's patience.)

"Ow," Steve said, straightening from bending to catch his shield, startled by a quick pinch of his right buttock. Out of the corner of his eye he caught a flash of red and gold, close behind him. "Iron Man, what the heck are you doing?"

"You're Irish."

"Yeah, so?"

12. When You're Real (MCU Avengers fusion with The Velveteen Rabbit- book version)

"So," Tony said as he shook the dirt off his snowy white paws, "this is a thing?" He looked around at the edge of the landfill and was not impressed.

"Yes, of course it is," a strong voice came from beyond a patch of greenery, which Tony supposed must be like houseplants, only with no one to trim them. "This is what happens when you become real."

Tony lolloped out of the rubbish and sniffed.

13. A Fang Club Meeting (Teen Wolf/Original Dark Shadows meet in a bar Fluffy short fic.)

There's a bar/ pub/ alehouse/ tea pad/ opium den/ fugu sushi/ coffeeshop/ tobacconist/ chocolatier... well, you name it, the relaxant, regardless of legality, of your choice is available here.

If you need a Bloody Mary with type-o negative, or non-poisonous wolfsbane whiskey aged in wormwood, this is the place to go.

Derek glanced around briefly out of unnecessary habit; the bouncers here consumed trouble-makers. As he entered, the ogre on the left side of the door was picking his teeth with a blood-stained crucifix, while the dragon on the right was meticulously melting silver bullets into a pretty patchwork pattern on his left front leg. They nodded politely to him.

14. One Hundred and Seventeen Pounds of Kickass Skin and Bones (Teen Wolf cracky sex-change without trauma AU)

Over the summer, Stiles hit magical puberty and turned female. Deaton was all mysterious and useless, Scott was all Allison and useless, and if you thought Stiles was going to resort to macho, angsty, werewolves for a support group, Hah! Google was a good boyfriend, and Dad gave Stiles a rape whistle, pocket mace and the most awkward 'sex talk from the other side I have no clue but God, Stiles, only you'.

Stiles researched, and experimented, and had deep, meaningful conversations with himse... herself... and decided she didn't need no stinkin' cure, she felt more herself than she ever had as a boy. She could happily think about Derek and the result wasn't visually obvious, but worked quite nicely, thank you.

15. Big Flap (MCU/DC crack AU, very short)

The grumble from Thor's end of the table was unintelligible.

"Not everyone here understands Old Norse," came the polite reminder from Kal-El's place at the head of the table. "If you have remarks bearing on the admission of the new member, please use the All-Speak."

The grumble grew louder, with a hint of thunder. "He's not one of us. We already make too many exceptions."

16. Three Men in a Bug (not to mention the ants) (MCU AU crack treated seriously fix-it of Civil War fusion with another Disney property)

"People's wagon?" Bucky said, leaning over Steve's shoulder. "More like a clown car." He squirmed and shifted his legs, bumping into the passenger side seat.

"If you kick me in the ass one more time, I'm going to make you eat that arm," Sam threatened.

"You and what arm-y?" Bucky grinned and kicked the seat.

17. A Crying Shame (Stargate Atlantis very short fluffy crackfic)

The energy vortex glowed and formed a ravenous, depthless mouth, growing to encompass the stalled puddle jumper.

Rodney sat down in the co-pilot's seat, and reached his hand over for John's, blindly, without taking his eyes off the vortex. "I'm so sorry, John."

"There's gotta be something, Rodney." John grabbed Rodney's hand and held on tightly. "It can't end like this."

18. Blue Jello for a Blue Rodney (Stargate Atlantis short, cracky, fusion with Dragonriders of Pern)

Rodney was shunned and left to handle all the low-level dirty work, because no one trusted him any more. He was cleaning out the glycolene ballast chambers when his hypoglycemia kicked in (he'd been living on expired MRE's because the mess hall had been decorated with clove-studded oranges and lemons on the pretext that a fake Christmas would boost morale).

Rodney figured it probably was working because everyone was happier without him around.

He was fine, too, really. He'd traded his last chocolate bars to an Athosian kid in exchange for a gray striped fur blanket the color of the cat he'd had to leave behind on Earth and once he rolled it up into a bundle about the same size as Toast (he'd named the cat after rescuing it as a kitten from some drunk undergraduates who had tied buttered toast to its back and planned to throw it out a third story window to see whether it would land on its feet or on its back on the butter.)

Well, anyway, once he rolled the fur up, it was warm and soft and even smelled a little bit like a cat, so he had something to hold when he tried to sleep now that no one in Atlantis would come near him, much less sleep with him.

19. The Invisible Iron Man (MCU Iron Man/Avengers AU focussing on Tony, written for the Captain America/Iron Man Reverse Bang 2016.)

Tony's hand slipped on the wrench and the ray skewed. In another universe, maybe the photon accelerator would have sliced a tool rack in half; sparks and smoke, but no real harm done.

This universe wasn't so lucky. Everything happened at once, overlapping sensory inputs that froze Tony in place, horrified.

The ray slid down and struck a piece of trash- a blob that looked like a failed early polymer experiment- that he'd tossed out of his father's trunk.

20. Shiftless Tony Stark (MCU Avengers/ Ladyhawke fusion post Marvel Civil War, written for 'A Ficathon Goes into a Bar"

Tony was accustomed to everyone turning to stare at him when he entered a bar. The hostility was a little extreme for a first time visit, however. He hadn't broken anything or insulted anyone yet. "This is the Shifter Bar Between the Worlds, right? I didn't take a wrong turn at the Bifrost?" he asked.

SO ok, I tend to start out with character's names (tend to as in, Almost ALWAYS), and I like AUs and Crossovers and fusions and punny titles and crackfic. I didn't realize I did the character name starting-- *shrugs* eh, I'm too old to change my spots.
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