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Creator:Feng Shui House on DW/ AnonEhouse on AO3
Fandoms:Addams Family 1964 TV, Avengers (comics), Blake's 7, Teen Wolf, Mission: Impossible 1966 TV, Indiana Jones Series, MCU Avengers, Stargate Atlantis, Kung Fu Panda, Calvin & Hobbes.

Prompts:All adults/children vanish/die, Wishes go awry/spells rebound, War without end, Ice Age/Endless Winter prompt, Cold War Scenario, Ancient Curse, Genetic Experiment, Technology Fails, Hell/Heaven on Earth.

Fic: Child's Play
Fandom:Addams Family 1964 TV
Prompt:All adults/children vanish/die
Word count/size (etc.):777 words
Ratings/Content Notes:Gen, Cracky
SummaryWednesday Addams wouldn't mind being a latchkey child, but when an apocalypse takes all the grownups, that's just too annoying to endure. She missed dinner.

Fic: Scarlet gets the blues
Fandom:Avengers (comics)
Prompt:Wishes go awry/spells rebound
Word count/size (etc.):372 words
Ratings/Content Notes:Gen
SummaryWanda Maximoff in this 'verse doesn't just remove mutant abilities- she removes mutants. All mutants. She probably didn't think on this too hard.

Fic: O eggs, never fight with Stones
Fandom:Blake's 7
Prompt:War without end
Word count/size (etc.):451 words
Ratings/Content Notes:Gen
SummaryBlake can never die. That's a good thing, isn't it?

Fic: Cool Headed
Fandom:Teen Wolf
Prompt:Ice Age/Endless Winter prompt
Word count/size (etc.):388 words
Ratings/Content Notes:Gen
SummaryLuckily wolves don't mind snow. When winter never ends, this is helpful.

Fic: Beyond Impossible
Fandom:Mission: Impossible 1966 TV
Prompt:Cold War Scenario
Word count/size (etc.):561 words
Ratings/Content Notes:Gen, Choose Not to Warn
SummaryNo matter what, the Mission: Impossible team are always there for each other.

Fic: Indiana Jones and the Cursed Skull
Fandom:Indiana Jones Series, MCU Avengers
Prompt:Ancient Curse
Word count/size (etc.):1327 words
Ratings/Content Notes:Gen
SummaryIndiana Jones meets a man of his own time, from the future, who asks him to help prevent a future catastrophe through archeology. It's not as complicated as it seems. Just very, very dangerous.

Fic: A Bug in the Plan
Fandom:Stargate Atlantis
Prompt:Genetic Experiment
Word count/size (etc.):488 words
Ratings/Content Notes:Gen
SummaryRodney is very happy with the city-ship. Your mileage may vary.

Fic: The Glue That Holds Civilization Together
Fandom:Kung Fu Panda
Prompt:Technology Fails
Word count/size (etc.):494 words
Ratings/Content Notes:Gen
SummaryIt's said that civilization is only nine meals from anarchy. This is apparently true for pandas as well as humans.

Fic: Snowman's Chance
Fandom:Calvin and Hobbes
Prompt:Wild Card- using the prompt Hell/Heaven on Earth
Word count/size (etc.):385 words
Ratings/Content Notes:Gen
SummaryMiss Wormwood had been right about Calvin all along.

Completed prompts in white lettering on black background.

War without end All adults/children vanish/die Technology fails
Wishes go awry/spells rebound WILD CARD-Hell/Heaven on Earth Ice age/endless winter
Ancient curse Cold War scenario Genetic experimentation
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