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I've got a few new readers of my blogs and I feel like I should give them something to see. It's been raining here, A LOT, so not many outdoor pic opportunities. I've been rereading old Teen Wolf & SGA fic, but not actually writing anything myself.

Since I'm currently in Spoonflower mode, that's pretty much it. And Spoonflower is having one of their rare discount promotions now, so I would feel bad if I didn't mention it, and later someone said they would have liked the chance to buy something.

For those who don't know Spoonflower, it's a print on demand site specializing in fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap. I've been working on designs for my Shop for years & now have over 3,000 designs I've created using many different techniques including hand drawn ones: watercolor/colored pencil/pen & ink/crayon/Sharpie marker/ potato print/ electric engraving etched on wood veneer.

But mostly it's digitally created including a lot of free or abandonware programs: barebones old vector program, tessellation, fractals, various on line drawing 'toys' like Harmony and Sketchpad and Escher web sketch, all of which are low resolution & have to be fixed up in Photoshop Elements (the one program I can't do without so I actually bought it.)

There's a lot of animals, especially dogs and horses, and flowers, especially roses, and plaids and 'cheater quilts' and... well, I call my shop 'Eclectic House' for a reason. If you're curious you can use the shop tags on the left to sort things (it's not alphabetical, control-F is your friend) or click on the 'Designed collections' button to see things sorted into groups. Collections with an asterisk are unsorted things and not for sale, but everything else can be purchased.

Spoonflower currently (now through 9:59AM EDT June 12) has a 15% off sale on all full yards of fabric, wallpaper & gift wrap. They never announce these sales in advance, and only have them maybe twice a year, so if you ARE a fabricholic, you might like to check it out. Most of their fabrics are very nice, but the very cheapest one is lightweight- I only use it for proofing swatches. I LOVE their minky- it's soft and cuddly. I ordered some yardage to make Christmas presents, all it really needs is hemming & you have a nice cuddle-throw.

Spoonflower recently expanded into a couple sister sites- Sprout prints the fabric design of your choice in the clothing, etc. pattern of your choice for you to cut & sew yourself. Roostery creates completed home furnishings- you choose the fabric design & the product & they make it for you. I've taken these mockups from Roostery.

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