Apr. 6th, 2015

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Word usage to look out for when you haven't got a Beta. (with particular reference to Iron Man and Avengers fandom). This doesn't cover grammar, canon, formatting or any of the other facets of betaing, just words that I've seen used where they don't belong.

If you're unsure of the difference between 'Affect' and 'Effect', 'Fewer' and 'Less', 'Callus' and 'Callous', or when to use an apostrophe (rule of thumb, apostrophe used where a letter is omitted, or to indicate possession where there does not already exist a possessive form without the apostrophe) then this might help you.

Proper use of possessive pronouns: its dog (the dog is its), his cat (the cat is his), her goldfish (the goldfish is hers), my aardvark (the aardvark is mine), your horse (the horse is yours), Our bunny (the bunny is ours), Their canary (the canary is theirs).

Then there are a few special cases- Whose elephant is that? (the elephant belongs to an unknown), and One's ferret (ferret belonging to a generic one- apparently in a tribe where ferret ownership is assumed).

This is a long list. I've been coming back and adding more as I encounter them. So far I've found no examples beginning with N, X, or Z.

I haven't time to beta for anyone,alas. )
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It doesn't show up on my reading page, though. Oh, well. It'll still be easier to find by clicking 'recent' than my usual method which involves a lot of head-scratching.

It's my 'How to Beta Yourself' post with my collection of fanfic word misuse. I still don't have any examples beginning with N, X, or Z.

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I wanted to go to the grocery, but I had a hard time getting to sleep last night, and so I was off to a late start. By the time I was ready to call the taxi he had a fare that would take at least 3 hours & I'd wind up being in rush hour (or later) when being picked up. Not good for perishables. So I said, I'll try again tomorrow.

But while I was thinking of food I remembered I'd used some gluten-free broth while I was ill- I'd squirreled it away from several years ago when my ex-sis-in-law generously took a day to drive me to Whole Foods. It was quite good (tasty, not weird), and not available in my local grocery, so I went looking for it on line.

Amazon had a 12 stick box Savory Choice GF chicken broth for $68.36! (Free shipping!)

And I said- WOAH, that's a bit over FIVE OUNCES. What do they make it out of, platinum?

So I looked for the manufacturer's website.

12 stick box Savory Choice GF chicken broth from Savory Choice- $4.99 (and Free Shipping if ordering more than $25, so I ordered 2 each of the turkey, chicken and beef broths. Total cost $29.94)

So...for less than half the cost, I got 6 times as much product from Savory Choice. Sometimes the 'larger quantities' stuff at Amazon is insanely overpriced.

Well, since I'm not going out, I'll try working on my Reverse Big Bang. It's due by April 22 (but then you have to find out if your artist is ready, too, and be assigned a posting date- they want to spread it out over May so people aren't flooded with fic.) I got behind schedule what with being icky, but I have hope it'll work out- the plot is at least basically there and seems workable.
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