Jan. 1st, 2017

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I got myself all worked up about the strangers parking in front of my house & spent New Years Eve googling laws and fuming. :^)

So I didn't sleep well, got up after a few hours and marked all the trash days on the 2017 calendar Haldane had sent me, started laundry, left a note (the 'ask your landlord for parking' version) under the windshield wiper of the car still parked there, mowed what I could of the verge without coming near the car, and had my hip go OW so I came in to do a bit of sewing on tiny teddy bears I'd cut out a few days ago & waiting to see if my innards revolt from stress.

Also, I gave up on the order of polyfill (supposed to be here Dec 27 but since they had NO tracking on it, I don't know if it was ever sent at all) and requested a refund from Amazon's A-Z third party guarantee. I had contacted the seller twice, and each time immediately got a request for more information, which I immediately provided, and then heard nothing since. (Also I looked at comments & a significant number of people had the same thing with this seller- no tracking, and no delivery) Amazon says they refunded me. *Fingers crossed* The charge is on the credit card bill I got on Friday, and I think it best to just pay it, that way if there's fuss, I won't be dealing with the CC company, too. (Luckily the company didn't try the scam of 'pay us through Western Union', because if they had, and I fell for that, the A-Z guarantee wouldn't apply.)

On the bright side, while researching laws I found that if I'm still living in Hellhole 5 years from now, I can claim a total exemption from the local real estate taxes on the basis not only of age, but of having stuck it out for 25 years (well, my whole life, so a lot more than the minimum) in this pit of despair. Frankly, I think anyone who lives here more than 25 years deserves a medal and possibly a parade.

Am all nervous jangly, expecting at any moment an irate pounding on the front door, but HOPE the driver of the car will be a Boojum and not a Snark, and will swiftly and silently vanish away.

New Year's Resolution- TRY to be productive. AVOID playing the same pointless on-line computer solitaire games. TRY to be less procrastinatory.
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