Jan. 2nd, 2017

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Been trying to stay productive. New Year's Resolutions ought to last at least 2 days, right?

I wound up with an extra arm in tiny teddy size, but in pony print. Prob. have enough scraps to make a matching replacement arm for the tiny teddy.

Taxi driver out of town until tonight, so no grocery or post office. LiveChat at Spoonflower still on holiday hiatus but the 'prohelp' email got done 2 hours later what would have taken 2 minutes at LiveChat (needed 2 customized- rescale/orientation change- versions of designs set for sale manually.)

One design I really, really hope is FINALLY finished with. This saga started a year ago (TL:DR)- multiple changes, months in between each change where I assumed the customer changed their mind between 'it's PERFECT' and actually buying any. Finally they bought some and I thought it was over. Nope. Last Saturday they emailed me to say that the sewists told them the plaid was in the wrong orientation for neckties- and they NEVER KNEW THIS. I had told them what they wanted was wrong for neckties at the beginning, but they insisted on having it the wrong way and then conveniently forgot I told them.

*sigh* It's not as if the designs didn't sell to *other* people, because if you weren't making neckties, it would work nicely for many uses. So, anyway, I fixed it one more time, got it set for sale and emailed to tell them. Am NOT holding my breath waiting for them to buy some.

In addition to sewing & handling the Spoonflowering I did get to finish mowing the verge today (no one was parked there, I hope I hope I hope they stay away), also mowed the back & inspected my seedlings. None are all that great, but eh, they didn't get any fancy soil or food. Hope I get around to transplanting them before they die.

Have an area in front where stuff died that prob. large enough for a cantaloupe vine. Think I'll put a whole bunch of the seedlings there and thin out the weaklings a few days later.

Must go cut a new arm before I forget. I don't want a Travis/Winter Soldier/Krycek bear (what is it about one-armed men that so many of them are baddies or at least made to act as baddies?)

Come to think of it, way back when I was making media bears, I DID make a Krycek koala... he had a removable arm. I used a large snap, so the arm had jointed mobility. Was cute.
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