Jan. 11th, 2017

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Last night after getting 2 more scam phone calls (I don't answer, just note the numbers and add them to my call reject list- it has a limit of about 20 numbers, and I'm starting over again, editing the old ones to replace with new ones- at first I put a name to make me think of them, but when I ran out of space I started with letters, am now up to K.)

Anyway, I went to clean out my missed calls list, do that around once a week, and saw I missed a call from the taxi guy on the 6th.

Called him and found he'd been in the hospital (he gets kidney stones, poor soul) and his wife had his phone, but was understandably only concerned with him.

So, I called him and found he's been back at work since Monday. I'm trying to keep my New Year's Resolution of reducing procrastination so I asked him to take me to Walmart Supercenter, where I hope to purchase polyester fiberfill, and bras. My bras are pathetic. I have a bra measuring tape, so I checked-- 42B. Ok. That's ME.

he's here. Bye.

EDIT: Am back, got lots more stuff than I planned, but mostly non-frivolous. I count the watercolor paper, gel pens and Gluten Free crackers and cookies as frivolous. They had the polyester fiberfill for $20 less than the Amazon crooked seller asked, so that almost paid for the taxi ride by itself.
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