Jan. 13th, 2017

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I resumed cutting back the bougainvillea, sawing and lopping until the pile was me cubed again.

Also I transplanted more cantaloupes to replace the second batch that don't look too good. And I put marigold seedlings in and around the better looking cantaloupes. Marigold smells kinda stinky so maybe it'll help keep bugs from the cantaloupes?

Went in & discovered email from person who recently bought 20 yards of fabric printed with one of my designs (by far my biggest order ever). She wondered if I had a coordinating fabric- the design was a combination of photos of amaryllis and butterflies I did 3 years ago and she wanted a coordinate the same, but just all flowers.

Luckily I had been semi-efficient 3 years ago and had saved them in a quadruply nested folder on a portable drive-Sorted photos/ 2013 photos/ flowers/ amaryllis- and have been patching them in over the amaryllis/butterfly design (tedious- once I find the identical photo of each flower, I have to match scale, angle, saturation, color, etc.) so I got about half way through, and went out as a change of pace to cut up and bag some of the bougainvillea.

Looked up and saw someone parking in front of my house. The other of the two cars (the one I left the note on I don't think has returned). This is the second time it's been parked here since I left the note. So I went out (possibly with a Hawkeye resting face) and waved a bit until the driver lowered the window. There were two young women inside. A waft of pot smoke came out. I didn't mention that.

"Hi. I don't like people I don't know parking in front of my house. If you want to park here, I'd want your phone number and the license number of your car, so I could call you if it needed to be moved." The driver was very polite and apologized and said she wouldn't park there. I said, "If you do park here, just leave your phone number under the wiper blades, so I can call you if there's some kind of emergency and I need the car moved." She said, 'oh no, I won't park here again. I'm sorry'.

So, that's fine. It wasn't an unpleasant encounter.

Ok, back to trying to match amaryllis from the past. :^)
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