Jan. 15th, 2017

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EDIT: Finished another design. Watercolor takes FOREVER. At least for me. :^)


The customer who wanted Amaryllis without butterflies liked the second version, so I'm going to work on making up new designs to fill a collection.

I needed a break anyway-cut and bagged up the last of the bougainvillea- another 6 (42 gallon heavy construction) bags full and have a big pile sitting hidden next to bushes. Body is kinda worn down. ;^) Art will be a nice break.

Todays so far, a totally silly cartoony pigeon and cat.

Last night- Three different backgrounds of a bunch of more realistic deer.

HAH! I just went out for a quick check of the yard- TWO of my seven pineapple plants are trying to bloom. And one of them is the oldest one, which is in a really lousy place, but still had managed to produce fruit twice (admittedly both were small- the second was the size of a real apple). I recently read a wikihow on growing pineapple that says they can only produce one fruit and then they die. My pineapple doesn't read wikihow, I guess. GO PINEAPPLES! YAY. I'm looking forward to this- the flowers should be lovely.
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(Well, depending on your tastes.)

Ipernity (my photo host) postponed the site closing date to late Feb. to investigate the possibility of community management.

They gave the URL of a couple groups discussing things, but I didn't look. Afraid of getting sucked in and wasting time. :^) It's not as if I can think of any helpful comments beyond the obvious ones people have already mentioned.

Also, still fighting procrastination, I decided to FINALLY try the electric engraver I bought as a replacement for the feeble old one. I did get a little side tracked when I checked my Harvest of wild cat photos, looking for a species I hadn't engraved on wood flooring yet, and came across a lone image of an Andalusian Lynx. Googling and Harvesting occurred. And then I noticed I had a folder with some pics. of an *Iberian* Lynx. Yep. Same critter. It's also called a Spanish Lynx. It used to be considered another form of Eurasian Lynx, but no, it's a separate species. It's one of the rarest of the wild cats, in part because it's very specific in its diet. Even when rabbits are rare (due to overhunting and disease mostly) they starve rather than learn to hunt other things.

The new engraver worked lovely. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

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