Jan. 17th, 2017

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Turned hot again and my stupid hip is aching. Oh, well, I had a few days without a/c needed. Brain rot is setting in, so I went to my Idea folder yesterday.

I found an optical illusion (black and white) and decided to see if it would work as a cheater 'quilt' substituting dark prints and light prints. And YES. In the swatch view it's obvious the squares are true and set on parallel lines, but in the fat quarter and yard view they look as if the rows widen and narrow. Cool.


Also, I found a tessellation I'd abandoned because I'd started it at an angle, so it wouldn't meet up seamlessly in a sensible number of repeats. I went back and added and added and added until it did meet seamlessly. I scaled it small for swatching, but I think I'll upscale it afterward. I had started it long before I encountered Teen Wolf fic, and it amused me how much it reminds me of Derek. I changed the brown eyes to Alpha red in his honor.

Today I dug out a red gingham I'd begun, and finished it, and then color shifted it twice.


I need 2 more designs to fill the 30 swatch collection. Break time, I should get up and beat my hip into submission.

Hmm, Spoonflower just changed the way collection previews are shown. This is much faster and more visually attractive than the previous method. It shows up to 3 designs from a collection- one is larger scale and double wide rectangle on top, the other two are smaller scale, squares below. Three collections across and ten rows down, using a paginated scrolling system to view, so you don't have your computer bogging down trying to load everything at once but can see a good number quickly. Currently my shop has 5 pages of collection thumbnails.

My Shop Collections Page
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Edit: And there's the last design I need to send off for a collection.

Glanced out the back window and saw two cats in picture perfect threat poses on the other side of the pool. Excellent, says I, and runs for camera. I knew immediately which one was going to win the standoff.

Later I went to the side plot which had been smothered by the bougainvillea and began digging it up, keeping an eye out for any good plants amongst the weeds. Found a few more pineapple salvia. The difference between small salvia and a common weed is very subtle- they're the same size, same shape leaves, same paired opposite leaf placement. BUT! The salvia leaves are faintly blue tinged while the weed is faintly yellow tinged.

I don't know what I'm going to plant there- most of the seeds I started have either not grown enough to transplant, or grown *too much* to transplant... maybe I'll plant radishes. I had bought a bag of radishes two months ago and forgot it in the fridge until a few days ago- took it out, meaning to throw it on the compost pile, BUT one of them has sprouted. Such pretty little ruffly leaves. So I put it in a shallow bowl with a little water and put the rest on a shallow platter with a little water. The leafy one seems to be growing, but I'm waiting for roots before planting.

Oh, explanation of the post subject-- Mano a Mano is 'hand to hand', and 'manure' I read somewhere, originally meant to 'increase the productivity of the soil by hand work!' As in, digging it up, loosening the soil, so plants could root and grow better.

So, I'm out there with a shovel, digging up to manure the soil without adding poop.

Ok, break time over. ;^)

Oh, forgot to add. I made a collage of a few photos I'd taken of crocus in my yard a few years ago, before I neglected it. ONE MORE design needed to swatch!

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