Jan. 21st, 2017

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I'm getting up late, but then I stayed up to finish re-reading a favorite Teen Wolf fic while cross-stitching.

I just realized that the company (Buchilla, possibly the biggest name in printed cross-stitch kits) GOOFED, and the instruction diagram is a horizontal flip of the actual printed on cloth symbols. It wasn't obvious because the main part of the design is symmetrically flipped from the center, but in the middle, the largest butterfly is placed over a sprig of flowers which is not identical. Have to mentally compensate for that.

I finally remembered the technique for starting isolated French/Colonial knots without ugly knots at the back & used it for the knobs on the butterfly antennae. Of course, I'd forgot the technique for *ending* the isolated stitches and wound up with a bit of thread going to the nearest cross-stitches to weave under them on the back.

This is the method I used. The one with the loop. Only I forgot the loop should be on the bottom. Next pillowcase I'll try to remember to refer to this.

This is an even easier technique, suitable for children. It's very wasteful of thread, though, and leaves more of bump on the back.

The wall patch first layer isn't quite fully dry yet, and is cracking in the thicker bits. Eh, had to fill in the edges to keep the spiders inside the wall. :^) More layers should help. *fingers crossed*

Also, a few days ago I found radishes I'd bought 2 months ago & forgot about until I noticed one was rotting. Took them out of the fridge to put on compost pile & saw that one brave little radish was sprouting. Experiment time! I now have a hydroponic radish garden in the kitchen. If they develop good roots I think I'll plant them. They have cute leaves.
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