Jan. 22nd, 2017

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Monthly bulk pickup is tomorrow, so I hauled out the last 8? huge bags of bougainvillea cuttings & tied up and hauled out three stacks of big branches (some nearly big enough to call logs). Then I watered & came in to rest a bit by starting the second cross-stitched pillow case (finished the first one last night) while rereading old fic (old fic is safest, except when it mentions something interesting and I wind up googling.)

After I cooled off I put another layer of patch in the wall around the AC. It's starting to fill in well- even if I don't have enough patch it looks tons better than it did. I had bought a 12 pound plastic can, thought I'd have lots left over, but it's going fast.

Then I remembered the next contest (Spirit Animals- Desert) at Spoonflower deadlines tomorrow (and tomorrow I really WANT to go to the thrift store, haven't been in years) so I tried working on my original idea, which was going to be Arabian Oryx*, but my sketches were too fussy.

BUT I had just a couple days ago, made a simple design meant to be greyhounds, so I recolored a version to look more desert-y.

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