Jan. 23rd, 2017

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Today's fight against procrastination.

Another layer of wall patch around the AC- getting there! The top and the bottom I think don't need any more, the right side doesn't need much, it's the left side that's still hungry. 12 pound bucket of joint compound nearing empty. Just as well, the fine print on it says the stuff goes bad after 9 months, so there's not point storing excess.

I didn't try go to the Thrift store- last night there was a lot of high wind, and it was still blowing gusty for most of today, which had brought the temperature down quite a lot. So I decided to take advantage to do some digging up and transplanting.

The second cross-stitch pillowcase is coming along nicely, so I'm thinking what should I do next as time filler whilst sitting at the 'puter? In the box where I had the pillowcases I found a dozen Red Heel Socks- I figure I could do the machine sewing and then finish them in here.

Oops, I put both 'cat' and 'kitten' in the poll. They're really the same. And I MEANT to put 'Dachshund' and 'Puppy' which are actually different, only I left off Puppy. If you want Puppy (average dog shape, not long hot dog) please add a comment.
POLL- I found a dozen (PAIRS, takes a pair to do one animal, usually) Red Heel Socks, what kind of animals should I make? )
Digging and delving. )
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