Jan. 24th, 2017

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Again, no thrift store (and haven't done any yardening yet) but this is still not procrastinating, because last night I got another swatch sampler in the mail (containing a custom design someone's waiting for) & instead of setting it aside to do stuff in stages I got it all done today.

Also I added a layer of wall patch & did a load of laundry & gave 7 of my hydroponic radishes a couple spoonfuls of soil in their water (these 7 have a couple inches of root, so I'm thinking to slowly introduce soil & with any luck they'll be good to transplant eventually with their roots grown into soil & not be traumatized.)

Yesterday I happened to see the bulk pickup-- it's changed a lot in recent years. It used to involve a driver of the big truck, two men walking with rakes who'd pick up bagged stuff to put on the lift-loader and tidy up if needed, and one man driving a forklift. Yesterday it was one man, one truck. He moved just a little way out of the driver's seat to an external seat with controls for a giant claw (reminded me of the ones in the 'grab a prize' games). Then he operated the claw to pick up the stuff in a few grabs. Very efficient, but I wonder how many guys lost their jobs and benefits. Also makes me glad I put out my trash very neatly, either in bags, or tied bundles, or sometimes boxes. I doubt this guy tidies up if things won't pick up with the claw.

SO MUCH Stuff I still need to do.

Some of my favorite designs from today's group )
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