Feb. 1st, 2017

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Last night I was so chilly I wore a pair of suede, lined with fake sheepskin, slippers to bed. Today it's 80F outside and my toes are bare as long as I'm in the house.

I ate the first 2 loquats of the year. MMM, they're a bit like Bartlett pears, only tiny and with big seeds and the skin is more delicate. Maybe I'll call them Hobbit-pears.

Went to work on the asparagus fern in the backyard for a change of pace. I'm taking a break now after filling a 42 gallon bag packed full to the point of having to drag it.

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Mudcloth 8 Pointed star

Mudcloth 8 Pointed star, bordered

And, now that they've changed the limit from 30 designs in a collection to 1,000! I can have all 36 of my proofed Mudcloth designs in one collection. Yay. The two newest ones aren't in here. I keep unproofed designs out of named collections, so I can keep track.
Mudcloth Collection

Ok, I should get back to work. Asparagus Fern is growing every second.
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Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, this does occasionally happen when certain users don't understand how collections work. The best thing to do is simply remove your work from the collection. I would recommend checking collections before allowing your work to be added to them.

If you have any problems removing your work from a collection, please contact our Support committee who will be happy to help: http://archiveofourown.org/support.

AO3 Abuse

If you're like me and you've never wanted to remove a work from a Collection it might take a little figuring out. So, this is what I did just now.

To remove from Collection if you remember which work it is, Go to the work, click to Edit the work, scroll to Associations and under Post to Collections/Challenges you'll find a little X button next to the name of the collection, Click the X to remove the work from the collection, then go down & Post to confirm the change.

If you don't remember which work it is, go to My Works, and look on the top for Works in Collections. Click on that, and then filter to find it. Either you can filter by collection, or any of the usual works filters.
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