Feb. 2nd, 2017

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I cut back enough stuff I was able to get to digging some of the asparagus fern. Time consuming labor, but hopefully will reduce the regrowth.

Neighbor's dog in the back yard seems to be finally getting bored with barking at me.

How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bark )

In other gardening news, the lantana I thought was dead has TINY GREEN DOTS. Leaves? Could be!

The tomato plant that had a bloom cluster is starting another cluster.

I THINK I may have a single strawberry plant, and a single strawberry spinach plant. They're awfully tiny and it's been 2 months since I put the seeds in, I dunno, but the seedlings don't look like any familiar weeds. Also, MAYBE I have a few vinca sprouting.

I think most of the radishes are rotting, but Tony Radish looks pretty good, better than Steve Radish, who got too tall and fell over and looks limp. YAY for short folks. :^)

AND the caterpillar on Bernie is today enclosed in a crysalis almost exactly the same color as Bernie's cement. Good luck to you, proto butterfly. Hope you make it.

I wound up with three bags of AF left over that won't fit in the trash bin. Luckily, Hellholeah's one generosity is their sanitation service, so they'll pick up the bin's worth on Friday, and I can pack it full again and they'll pick up again next Tuesday. Very helpful when you have a jungle to fight. They pick up recycling twice a month, and once a month bulk pickup of yard waste, furniture, etc. Thank heaven for that.

Haven't done much else today beyond re-arranging my Spoonflower stuff. It's slow going, but organizing collections has always been one of my happy obsessions, so the hard part is interrupting to go do something else.
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