Feb. 3rd, 2017

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*whew* Years ago I used up rock and cement and thin brick and tile to make a pair of pool guardians on short pillars. Yertle the turtle and his wife, Myrtle (you can tell them apart because Myrtle's shell is level, and Yertle's shell is a dome). Myrtle wound up slightly off level and during the yard neglect interim she fell over and was smothered in weeds.

Finally got the gumption to tackle putting her back in place. After removing the weeds and cutting back other plants so I could get at her I went for the Pyramid builder method (minus the slaves) and wedged the shovel under one end and pushed a cement garden border section under. Rinse, repeat, with added cement. Move things down an inch, try again, until finally she was 45 degrees off the ground at which point, I used my fat to counterbalance and get her up.

Hello, Myrtle! Long time, no see.

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