Feb. 7th, 2017

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Yesterday I finished digging up the 'sword' plants and then remembered that today's the deadline for a Rainforest Animal theme contest. I HAD an idea, but just couldn't get the drawing on computer to work- tried three different ways and finally gave up and went to drawing on paper with colored pencil. Took forever to draw 6 frogs (in actual frog species colors). And then I scanned them and discovered colored pencil doesn't show up very well, so I experimented with Photoshop Elements (settled on upping the saturation 100%, using the Stamp filter on black, and then selecting the non-black portions to fill with color.) Other stuff went on, but you get the idea. It ate up most of the day.

Rainforest Rainbow Poison Dart Frogs

Until it's proofed and set for sale, it's not publicly viewable on Roostery, so I copied the mockup of the pillow. It makes a fun pillow.
mockup of the design on a pillow )
So far today:
I keep coming back and adding to this post and it's getting long )
Owl and thistle snowflake )
I also made 3 color variants of the batflake, so I think it's time for more yard work. For a change of pace I think I'll attack the Asp. Fern in the front yard.

*whew* I'm taking a break. I was so sweaty my googles were filling up. I've been attacking some of the Asp. fern along the fence- my neighbor has a wooden fence a few inches away from my chain link fence, and the Asp. that grew in the space between... well... it's huge, and awkward to get at. But since it's been killing the bushes there, I can now work the shovel in bit by bit and lever away at the roots.

I'm feeling time pressure because a lot of the Asp. Fern I'm digging up has green berries. DIE DIE DIE, and DIE CHILDLESS!
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