Feb. 10th, 2017

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I'm semi-seriously considering going to the park. The sky seems cloudlessly, endlessly, blue looking out a window. But I haven't finished de-Asp. ing the yard. Hmm... well, I'll see what happens when I walk outside. Maybe the blue is an illusion.

6 pics= 3 chairs + 3 pillows + 3 colorways. Math does what I want it to do. )
edited to add 3 flowers- tomato, pineapple and radish )
Think I will TRY to go out. It's a very pretty day.

3pm, am back from the park. It was indeed a perfect day, sunny with a cool enough breeze to leaven the heat. Taxi guy sent his Uber friend to pick me up & that was nice. He has a small, but comfortable (and very clean) car. I didn't ask what he'd charge, just paid him the same I had given taxi guy for the ride to the park. (Uber is supposed to be cheaper, but I'm not gonna skinflint.)

Have 500 photos to cull through. I did a lot of iffy snapping. I'm pretty sure I'll delete many of them.

one more old fashioned rose stripe )

Ramblings of a tired brain )
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