Feb. 11th, 2017

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I didn't want to get all hot and sticky before I'd seen the latest RWBY (new episodes scheduled to air 11am EST on Saturdays) so I faffed about collecting antique wallpaper pics from Cooper-Hewitt until it was time.

RWBY is a US based anime. The animation is cool, the music is exciting, the characters are love (the female characters in particular are wonderful, strong, beautiful, angsty, stubborn, flawed and very human.) It's a continuous arc- starting out very light-hearted, and getting you to fall in love with the characters, but gradually things get darker as the villains' plans begin to succeed, and the heroes face increasingly tougher challenges. I love the way they gradually reveal aspects of the world, the countries, the peoples, the history, the individual backstories. Lots of surprises! It's hard to talk about RWBY without spoilering- heck even the title means something you discover.

You can watch it on Youtube and see if you like it. Today was the last episode of Season 4, so you can binge watch a lot, if you get hooked on it. I don't know when Season 5 begins, but I'll be biting my nails waiting for it. SO MUCH is happening to all my loves.


Maybe later I'll fix up and post some park pics. Gotta go fight Asps now.

Asparagus Fern. What a Dick. I photo )

So, that took 2 hours. For one plant. I am wiped out. Will resume the battle tomorrow.

I just spent several hours sorting out over 40 pics from the park. Will start posting them tomorrow, my hands are sore. It's mostly the usual cast of characters, 2 species of iguanas, ibis, turkey vultures, various water birds, but there are a few ponies, a cat, some pretty pigeons, etc.

Ow, hands are so sore. *flumph*
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