Feb. 14th, 2017

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I thought maybe I would mow today since I'm caught up with the Asp. But... thermometer said 100 degrees F. (I think thermometer is having a nervous breakdown it didn't feel hotter than 95...) so instead I said, well, I'll just water, and pick up any sticks etc. to clear the way for mowing another day.

And of course, I found more Asp. hiding under the orchid tree. I don't mind so much if I see it sprouting where I can mow, but clustered into the trunks of things it is SNEERING at me.

I did treat myself to just using gloves, and omitted the gauntlets, since these were shorter plants and not likely to whip around and lash my armies.

Maybe I will work on my current Spoonflower contest entry today and wait to see if it cools enough to be worth mowing later. The tomato plants are putting out blossoms, but at this temperature I dunno that they'll set fruit. The heat shrivels their ovaries, poor ladies. There are maybe 4 or 5 that started to become fruit before it got blistering hot. Next year i guess I should plant in early November. December didn't give them enough time before the heat got blistering.

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Last of the pic spam for a while, anyway. This is the last of the culled out park pics, plus one butterfly snapped in my yard.

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Around 5:30 I noticed the temp had dropped to around 84 F so I did get to do some mowing. Did the verge and all of the front before it began to get too dim to safely continue. I am pleased with my stamina! I didn't need to take even one break, and if there had been enough light, I could prob. have done the back yard as well.

Of course I did pause at one point, when I saw clumps of autumn flowering crocus in the 'lawn' and decided to transplant them over into Bernhard's little crocus patch, which is slowly reviving after I cleared away all the stuff that was choking it out. And wonder of wonders, my ancient 'sweetheart' rose (tiny flowers about an inch across) is trying to live. I had cut away about 90% of it as dead wood, removed all the weed smothering it and watered it but didn't really expect much. It's more than 40 years old, and the only rose I've managed to keep alive for more than 2 years. It was bought at a nursery I only visited once (they've been gone for decades) and I expect they had grafted it onto nematode resistant root stock. So here's this sad little plant trying to put out new leaves, and it bloomed two tiny little roses for a Valentine's day gift to me. Awww.

Did quite a bit more on my Spoonflower contest entry. As always I got too ambitious and too fiddly, but that's my style. The theme is 'mosaic' and I've taken 4 photos I took of a neighbor's pit bull terrier, and been endlessly drawing tile breakup lines over the photos. *whew*. Cave Canem! Still not done, but progress has been made.
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