Feb. 15th, 2017

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Today's gonna be ow. I was forced to take some gas pills yesterday (after a week of lodged and painful gas I could not move) and it's had an unfortunate reaction with my delicate innards. *sigh* If I can't get a refund on this body, couldn't I at least have a 'help' button?

So, anyway, little sleep, early awaking, and I'm trying to do stuff in between assaults upon my dignity. Went out back to prepare for mowing & discovered more ASP. hidden partly under a bench. Dig dig dig dig dig dig. Wound up with a root ball bigger than my head, and underground runners going several feet in various directions to start new Asp.

So am taking a break and check my email-- DW announcement of the recent code changes included more details on the hosting. 500MB disk space for all accounts (possibly will increase later, esp. for accounts above the free level). BUT, the images can NOT be seen anywhere except DW or site you crosspost to. So if you normally crosspost to LJ or one of the other sites they allow, the images will be visible there. BUT YOU CAN'T use it as a general image host. The image hosting is for DW entries only.

So that shoots down my hopeful thought about maybe using it for emergencies to post swatch photos at Spoonflower. I'm *pretty sure* Spoonflower normally keeps the images on their Amazon host once you post them, so an image only needs to be accessible from the origin *once*. It's not like they hotlink, they just need an interface. Wish they'd let us upload direct from computer for swatch/project photos, but no. They only have that functionality for the designs themselves.

I need to mow. But I'm ow... But I need to mow. Maybe I'll work on my Cave Canem design for a few minutes.

EDIT: Worked on design, and then mowed, and guess what? Over by the gate. More Asp. *sigh* I need to rest up and then go dig dig dig some more.

*slump* 3pm and it's 86 F. had been hotter but I didn't check the numbers and I finally finished with the yard. I should have watered earlier in the day. Tony Radish and one 'maybestrawberry' seem to have succumbed. Surprised about Tony I thought he was doing so well... maybe he's only in a coma. :^)
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