Feb. 16th, 2017

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Bellyache continues, with interesting, not fun, side effects. (Leave us draw a discreet veil over that.)

It's gray today, alternating with glaring yellow white sky blaze, eye hurty bright. Lousy for photography, but it's not raining, so I will have to drag my aching body out to water anyway.

Last night my latest Spoonflower swatches arrived & today I photographed them & discovered printing defect. This hardly ever happens, and usually it's something tiny and ignorable. Not so this time. Fortunately the customized designs weren't affected so I felt I could go ahead and set them for sale & tell the customer she could get them.

Also was lucky that the LiveChat was available- it's been iffy lately. Gave my order number, explained the defect & attached photos of the two most obviously affected & was told they'd reprint and send it by expedited service, so that's good.

My innards are hurty, but... I have to try not to think about it. KITTENS. Kittens with wings. Butterfly winged kittens!

Ah, well... worth a try. I have things to do, cannot afford to baby my innards.

ARGGH. I worked on the Cave Canem design *maybe finished* and then I went out to water and walked headfirst into a spider web. I'll be picking imaginary spiders out of my hair all day.

Some days it just doesn't pay to gnaw through through the straps...
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Cave Canem Pit Bull Terrier (contest entry)

And then I made 4 separate versions to scale for pillows. Currently scaled much smaller, so the whole design will fit on a swatch.

Cave Canem Pit Bull 1 for Pillow
Cave Canem Pit Bull 2 for Pillow
Cave Canem Pit Bull 3 for Pillow
Cave Canem Pit Bull 4 for Pillow

Still have a couple more designs to do today. Simple color change customization. But my hands are sore now... will read fic and rest up first.
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