Feb. 17th, 2017

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I've been trimming the hedges that face the road (was only 84F when I started) & came in for a break and hydration. Today is better than yesterday- I'm still a little afraid to eat, but I had thawed chicken breasts in the fridge so I made chicken soup & boiled chicken for salad & had a little nibble. *fingers crossed*

Also I had done a load of laundry and had hardly any 'sticktights' to pick out of my undies. My battle against the weeds is beginning to take its toll. There are still plenty of them, but fewer have reached blooming/seeding stage. I need to dig up some of the beds again, though, because they're full of weed sprouts. It would only take a few weeks for them to get back to where they had been.

Yesterday was just a pain- on top of everything else, I didn't get to email chat with Z (pretty much my only nearly daily human interaction so I REALLY look forward to it) after my nap, because the email was ridiculously delayed- I got Z's email 2 hours after it was sent, and I replied, but I don't know when Z got *that* but I got Z's reply to it an hour later, and by then it was way past bedtime & I just gave up.

EDIT: Finished the hedges and it's... 3:30 pm and 78F. OOh, I can still have tea! (Can't have it past 4pm, because it keeps me awake at bedtime.)

I would have finished sooner, but kept getting sidetracked- noticed another big branch rotting on the gardenia bush & had to saw it off- noticed a big Asp in the bushes and had to dig it up- noticed a mockingbird *inside* the hedge and had to wait until it left- noticed a turkey vulture right overhead and ran inside for my camera-- nope, gone. Eventually my yard will be less work, but there's still years of neglect needing catching up before I reach the stage of just maintenance.
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