Feb. 18th, 2017

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My armies were sore from the vibration of the electric hedge clipper yesterday so I decided to just take *a few minutes* to sort out some photos to share.

Only... in between the yard snaps of fruit bearing plants I came across a snap I took of 'tasha yesterday in Odalesque pose, with an imperious superior expression on her face. And I thought-- well. It'd be fun to run that photo through one of the filters at Dreamscope.app.

Um... in the morning, the filters run fast, and it was...ok, my resistence to collecting shiny things is always low. SO... 1 1/2 hours later, 56 filters of the same photo and my hands are sore from mousing & clicking.

So, I think I will add the yard pics (and a couple mockups of last night's zinnia montage design) to this post later, after I rest up by doing chores & digging weeds for a while. And I think I'll upload the best of the 56 (a few were total disasters, and some were just blah) to an Ipernity album & just post the link. Ipernity's status is still up in the air- they haven't said it's folding at the end of Feb. but they haven't said it's NOT folding at the end of Feb.

I decided it was too many pics for one post, so here are 8 fruity pics )

Will put up another post in a few minutes. My tea is calling me.
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There will be a delay while I sort through the Natasha Odalesque Dreamscope pics and fix them up. I'm gonna put them on LJ scrapbook because I just found out that Ipernity has decided to continue, with the membership price put at what *THEY* think is a competitive price in line with other photohost sites of 50 euros. That's currently $53 US, almost double the current fee. And when you consider that the system only lets you get the code for sharing for ONE image at a time, it's not worth it to me.

So, I guess I'll use LJ Scrapbook as much as I can. And if that fails I can... I dunno... use DW a *little* the limit is small & can only be on the blogs... and for Spoonflower swatches maybe...well, they only recommend Flickr (owned by Yahoo, owned by Verizon, and iffy as all), Pinterest (lots of image theft, but eh, lo res swatches, not much damage possible), or TinyPic (I dunno, see a lot of lost image blank spots with them...).

So, here's just the pics I have ready.
4 pics )
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Here's the Album containing all 28 of the versions I thought were best.
Natasha Odalesque Dreamscope Album on LJ

Gonna cut it into groups, because 28 pics is a lot to load. This group is all obviously based on classic paintings. Mostly of the Impressionistic type.

11 photos )
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