Feb. 19th, 2017

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Last night after waiting hours to be sure the Surinam cherries had enough 'fridge time, I took them out. Lot of juice had formed, and did actually taste somewhat like mildly tart strawberries. I thought perhaps it would make nice ice cream.

Minor aggros. Multiple minor aggros )
Fancy Goldfish Tessellation

Fancy Goldfish Tessellation 2

So tired... my feet are swollen... maybe will go out and water. Temp has dropped to 92F. Don't think I'll need a sweater.
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I woke up from a nap a few minutes ago, and hurried to write down what I remembered of my dream.

My nightmares are things of epic weirdness, but somehow they usually have plot )
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Marvel has been missing the opportunity to cast actors of the same ethnic groups as the comic book characters they're portraying for some time, but Lewis Tan not being cast as Iron Fist is possibly the biggest loss (so far, give them time.)

Short awesome video Lewis Tan practising with a katana, and his even more awesome coach, Caitlin Dechelle. Wow, he's great, she's unbelievably great.

(Although, you know, while he was expert in martial arts, I'm not SURE that Danny Rand was anything other than white bread. Hmm... it's not a comic I followed.)
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