Feb. 22nd, 2017

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Once again I failed to obtain groceries or post package. Woke up with aching hip, but got into my going out clothes anyway, but before it got to the time I figured taxi guy might answer the phone it started raining. AND RAINING.

So, ok, my sinuses tell me days ahead of time, and my hip tells me NOW, when it's gonna be deluge.

Good part is that I found a big bag of lawn food in the rusting out shed & was waiting for a rainy day to spread it. The lawn food was wet muck, though, so I couldn't use the nice plant food spreader gadget. Eh, handfuls work. It's not as if it matters if some areas get too much and kill the weeds. The rain slowed down around noon for just long enough for me to spread the lawn food, before returning to steady rain.

There's so much water the ground can't absorb it. YAY, NO MORE YARD WORK TODAY!

So instead I made 24 variations of paisley, based on a doodle I did yesterday when I didn't have energy to do anything else. Haven't set them all up yet. My hands are sore from clicking & mousing.

Ok, in between watching season 2 of RWBY I set up the designs, currently they're in these two temporary collections if you're curious.



HAH, someone ordered a Sprout pattern for a man's shorts, printed with my design 'Hobo Signs on Black'. Since they didn't save it as a public project, I went ahead and made it to see how it would look.

It's so CUTE. :^)


If you scroll down to the little square thumbnail of the design and hover your mouse over the top left, you get a + option for a zoom, so you can read all the signs. I think this will make a fun pair of shorts for a guy. :^)
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