Feb. 24th, 2017

so tired

Feb. 24th, 2017 03:51 pm
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Last night, I thought I will just do a LITTLE coloring in on a paisley design I'd made... so...along about 2 am I finished

In case you're wondering, this is how the coloring turned out.

Springtime Floral Paisley on Sky Blue

and thought... I will just glance at the swatches that arrived today.

Bugger. Flawed. *sigh* And it's the identical flaw to the last sampler- exactly the same problem and in the same position on the fabric. I had hoped that they would FIX the printer after my first complaint (they did send me a reprint, which was fine, probably printed on a different machine.)

And then of course I was too miffed to sleep. So around 3:30 I finally fell asleep. And then 'Tasha decided around 6am to nag me. I fended her off and got a few more ZZZ but she kept returning, so around 8 I gave up and got up. Ironed the swatches & photographed, uploaded and fixed the photos of the three swatches which most obviously showed the flaw. Wrote complaining email, with added photos and ask for replacement and pointed out this is an ongoing problem & they need to fix the machine.

Nuisance. Got the reply- apologies, assurance they'll send me the reprint & will forward my complaint & the pics to the technical department. So now I just need to wait for the collection reprint before I can change the scale of 4 designs & set them for sale. To fit the whole design on a swatch, I scaled them small, but I intend them for decor pillows at a much larger scale.

I had a good dinner, so I'm more cheerful (chicken & apple meatballs, corn/rice/quinoa pasta, Newman's marinara sauce, Walled Off salad- Ambrosia apple, low salt almonds, romaine lettuce & Hellman's mayo). All gluten-free, I hope. ;^) MMm, hot dinner is a rare thing for me. I'm so lazy.

So, since I'm more cheerful, I've cut up a pair of sox and am attempting to make Sox Doxie. If it works, I will try to remember to post a picture.


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