Mar. 1st, 2017

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Ok, I'm trying to pull myself together before attempting to call the taxi- internet was down this morning and that distracted me.

Sox Doxie ready to leave home, and Apple print lap robe already at its new home )
Got the puppy mailed. ;^)

My experiment of trying to combine fun shopping with a different post office was a mixed success. The post office was lovely, all 3 counters staffed with efficient, friendly, helpful workers. (Took a few minutes to handle 5 customers ahead of me- my regular PO took more than half an hour to take care of 5 people ahead of me.)

The mall was a total washout (it's outdoors so it's easy to see all the buildings)- I looked it up on the internet & there were at least 3 stores I could have happily browsed in-- but they weren't there. Many empty spaces, and the ones that had businesses were all things I had no interest in, not even worth window shopping.

Oh, well, live and learn. At least at the old place I can have the taxi drop me off & after my half hour waiting, I can then walk across the street and do my grocery shopping.
feng_shui_house: me at my computer (Default)
Post office & then come home & discover Spoonflower messed up the *replacement* on the last messed up swatch collection (they printed beautifully- but they only printed 17 out of the 30 swatches, not even including the screwed up ones from the earlier printing). Grrrr. Couldn't complain to LiveChat because that wasn't available AGAIN. So I emailed the special ProHelp email which I hope gets replied to sooner than the regular help email.

work work work )

And then I said Wow, I'm pooped. So I am gonna read some TeenWolf crossovers I found last night (and had luckily opened each in a tab before going to bed, so when the internet went out this morning they were still there). And later I think I'll do some more hand-sewing on a little Apple dog I started from the small scraps left over from the lap robe.
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