Mar. 2nd, 2017

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That's because it's raining. YAY, I don't have to water the plants today. Doesn't mean I wasn't out in the yard though.

After I dealt with the Spoonflower messup (they emailed me asking if I could show them a photo & luckily I hadn't cut up the partial sampler, so it was obvious in the photo that the printing stopped at 17 and 3 blanks and then their printed cut guideline.) So I'm told they'll reprint it again, and this time the customer service person said he'd inspect it personally.

In which I yard )

Later I'll get up and cut up and iron a fabric sampler that came yesterday (this one they printed right!) Since I gave up photographing the swatches, setting designs for sale takes much less time, so that's good.

I just remembered Amazon emailed me last night saying that Dr. Strange DVD was now available for pre-order, so I checked & found that 2 book series I'd been following had new volumes (one is also a pre-order), so I ordered them, plus some GF cookies. I had a balance on gift cards that almost paid for it- so I'll have like an 85 cents charge on my credit card-- oh, wait. They don't bill you for pre-orders until you get them, so... does that mean the gift cards will still have $ on them until the pre-orders come in?? Puzzlement.
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