Mar. 5th, 2017

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A couple days ago doc bro emailed me to ask if I could look for & send him Dad's Bluejacket Manual.

In which I fail to give up a book )
Very strong gusts again today. I only did a little yardening- I gave the secondary tomato patch some plant food, added some more salvaged tree branches as supports, with salvaged cement sprinkler rings at the bases, and salvaged selvages from swatch collections tying the tomato plants up. Then I salvaged some pathetic marigolds from the salvaged recycling bin planter and transplanted them around the tomatoes.

This is why I can't throw anything out. Nearly everything gets repurposed. :^)

3 pics. Pineapple, Spider, and Turkey Vulture. Behind a cut for anyone upset by pineapples. They are alien looking )
And then I came in and did some designs.

Yesterday I did one for a contest themed 'Mandalas'. I googled and decided I didn't want to do either the elaborate people & symbols original versions, or the boring modern circles of flower petals version. So I wound up getting out my colored Sharpies and googling peacock feathers, and drew one feather and turned it into a mandala-ish? It's pretty anyway.

Today I remembered I'd wanted to make a color palette based on the Bayeux 'Tapestry' (it's a crewel embroidery), and spent quite a while color picking and deciding. And then I recolored 4 of my designs to make new ones in the BayeuxPalette. I think it works really well. There are 9 colors including one for the linen fabric.

And now I'm done. I think I'll put on a DVD and do some hand sewing.
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