Mar. 7th, 2017

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Yesterday was also blustery, so mainly I watered & weeded. Have decided that most of the things I thought might be seedlings from seeds I planted are probably weeds. Yesterday I gave in to temptation and ordered not only more flower seeds from Park Seed but also some strawberry plants. *fingers crossed*

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So, that was yesterday. Today I am attempting a third chapter, and have drafted the pieces of a tangram, to try to do something for the next Spoonflower contest.
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I weeded, watered, laundered, added a chapter to 'When You're Real', started moving stuff in living room away from wall so I can one day paint the baseboards, went out to bring in the trash bin- saw someone had tossed in an empty hospital glove box & since the trash has to be put out in bags, I had to get the box out, it's too deep to reach to the bottom, so I heaved it upside down to get the box out, and then when I went to get it upright again, it landed on my foot, and fractured one of my toes (ow, its not a complete break, just a bright pink vertical line on the toe nail and puffy and OW when I walk, or move my foot, or you know, *breathe*), but I soldiered on, I was planning to paint the front closet door (hasn't been painted in at least 40 years) so I got onto the painting, heard the FedEx truck and got the package, thinking, 'Yay replacement sampler after 3 tries I can set the final four designs for sale.'

But no.

The sampler printed was from the FIRST defective one, which I had already got a perfect replacement for.

Damn it.

Ok, gotta fold laundry and paint a door. I had to come in and write to Spoonflower YET AGAIN, so I figured I'd do blogging too. Later I will try to come back and add happy photos, but I can't leave the paint too long.
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Took so long to get back to it, I decided there was no point in adding photos to previous post, so here they are.

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Ok, gonna see if I can fic, and if not, I can sew while watching SGA. Stupid toe is stupid. It's only a little swollen and reddened, but it keeps tingling Ow and distracting me.
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