Mar. 10th, 2017

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I got the baseboards painted yesterday and today FedEx delivered the correct swatch sampler. FINALLY. So at last I was able to resize and set for sale the Pit Bull Terrier Mosaics I intended as decor pillows.

It took 4 tries- 6 of the swatches were mis-printed in the first try, only 17 of the 30 swatches were printed in the second try, the wrong collection was printed in the third try, but today I got all 30 of the right collection, printed properly. So what with all the duplication between this collection & the one before it, which got mis-printed and reprinted, and then mistakenly reprinted *AGAIN*, I feel I really could do something with them. No idea what & other stuff ahead on the to-do list.

Yesterday there was a 24 hour sale at Spoonflower, and I ordered a yard each of 4 different designs on the Minky fabric, so that'll be for Christmas sewing.

I finished the second leopard cat and took pics yesterday.

Am still writing on When You're Real the Velveteen Rabbit/Avengers crossover. I'm pleased that Rhodey got into the fic. I love Rhodey, he's adorable.

7 pics, 3 of toy cats & 4 Pit Bull pillow mockups )
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