Mar. 16th, 2017

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And it's a cool snap today. Was 55 F when I woke up, its 65 F now, but I'm being slow at waking up so I haven't been outside yet.

When You're Real Avengers crossover with the Velveteen Rabbit in which Tony Bunny forms a team of ex-toy animals to help Steve horse look for his friend Bucky the Christmas novelty reindeer.

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Just finished reading the latest Illona Andrews 'Inkeeper series' book, 'One Fell Sweep'. Really am enjoying this urban fantasy/soft romance/science fiction series. discussing basic premise, a bit spoilery in description of the basics of the 'verse )

Also, Spoonflower recently put some (50 or so) of my designs on Etsy & I actually got a commission yesterday. That's a much faster result than the same number of my designs they put on Amazon. I think Etsy is a more popular venue for folks looking for unusual printed fabrics.

And Spoonflower is going to offer a new purchase option starting in early April that I think will be good- buyers will be able to choose two different designs to be both printed on the same yard (I think it'll be divided horizontally) & people have wanted half yards for a long time, so this will be close to that. And there's going to be 'templates' to fill in with different designs- they were fairly vague on that, but still-- if you can get several different designs on a yard, that'll be a better bargain for many people who wanted to make small things, or patchwork, etc.
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