Mar. 17th, 2017

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Yesterday Spoonflower introduced a new checking out system. So messed up-- I THINK it worked properly judging by the info in my account, but that's not what the check out said while I was doing it.

And today AO3 had a scheduled half hour down time. Of course it borked and several hours later is still down. I amused myself by going to AO3 twitter status and saving their comments in a time stream.

AO3 does at least post to apologize and try to be light-hearted )

AO3 is back (at least for me) BUT BUT I made the mistake of looking at the responses to the Twitter status. SO MANY funny reaction gifs. Ate up a lot of time. :^)
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Yes, I am wearing green.

Six Pics of things in my yard, so, mostly green )

Also, in honor of St. Patrick's Day I just wrote a really tiny fic.

Leprechauns Can't See Green, Either. AO3 was really really realllyllllly slow to post. But I think it's there now.
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It's been around 5 hours since it came back up, and posting anything is awful. I haven't tried just reading, but posting a 221 word test fic took around 15 minutes, 3 hours ago. I just tried an 8 word reply to a comment on one of my fic, and it time failed out three times before I gave up and tried to report the problem to Support which... is also time failing out.

There was a link it said to use for reporting problems if the Support form wouldn't work. I used it and it went to Transformative Works which said if you have a problem with AO3 use the AO3 Support form.

Been there, tried that. So whatever, I complained to Transformative Works, in part to vent, in part because in Life I've found that as soon as I make an idiot of myself complaining about something, it miraculously gets fixed.

HAH! Two seconds after I posted this, I got a confirmation email that my support request on AO3 had gone through. See? See?
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