Mar. 25th, 2017

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So last week I had cleared everything out of a dresser that I *strongly* suspect of having termites, and I dragged it out (heavy, I had to take the drawers out one at a time & then tip the dresser onto a mechanic's crawler and haul it out and reassemble it, lying on the ground, neatly for the trash workers).

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Also, June is the official beginning of hurricane season, so I resumed pruning the loquat tree. A few months ago I took down some long branches that had reached over to a neighbor's yard and annoyed him, but the tree was trying to blossom so I didn't want to do more). Well, it's loaded with ripe/near ripe fruit now, so I was picking fruit after I cut branches down. I got two good size piles done and then it started to rain.

Oh, well. I was tired, anyway.

I wonder what other food I can grow? The tomatoes are at least (at the moment) healthy and trying and the two pineapples haven't yet been attacked by birds. Fingers crossed the strawberry plants live. I don't know but MAYBE I got some Strawberry spinach plants (I put seeds in a starter jug, and a few things came up that I didn't recognize, so I planted them all. Quite possibly I am nurturing 2 new types of weeds.) The plant is SUPPOSED to have edible leaves, and also develop edible red fruit. It isn't supposed to taste like either spinach or strawberry, and the fruit doesn't look like strawberry (more like raspberries), but eh, catchy name. (like Iron Man instead of Gold-titanium Man).
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