Apr. 1st, 2017

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I'm up late and just thought I'd check - Google has an April Fool's Day that's not too obvious-- go to Google Maps, and you get the option to play pac-man using streets.

Apparently it's one they did before, but since I never saw it, it's new to me.

Oh, ok, that was an early bonus. Google has something else, too.


and more

I've got to pull away from the April Fool's stuff.

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I was on the phone for over half an hour straight on the *second* call (that's $3 on my phone plan) trying to get internet. I had no email at all, no internet at all, not even very slow, just NO. All modem lights were normal.

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Just watched a link from an old fic-- it's a riot. Dubstep Guns. In less than 3 minutes this amateur video has better special effects and action than many movies. People get killed and it's all SF cool and funny- well I felt a tiny bit sad for the first guy who gets killed with conventional weapons, but he goes down in like 2 seconds, and then I forget about him.

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