Apr. 5th, 2017

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When logged in at LJ you can see how much storage/transfer usage you have:


This is me:
Quota Usage
You are currently using 310.71 MB (0.03%) of your 1024.00 GB quota.
Monthly Quota Usage
You are currently using 1.99 MB (0.01%) of your 15.00 GB quota.

And here's an excerpt from the scrapbook FAQ.

What are account storage limits for video and photo hosting?

A single photo's size should be no more than 10 Mb.
The overall storage limit depends on your account level. The current limits are:

• Accounts without additional packages: 1 GB.
• Accounts with Professional package of service: 100 GB
• Accounts with Permanent package of service: 1 TB.

It may be taken away from me, but I won't throw it away.
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