Apr. 10th, 2017

feng_shui_house: I just want to scatter them everywhere and roll around on them. (Howard and Tony Petals)
I finally got brave enough to start posting a fic to AO3 as I go.

(That was a disaster a few years ago, with me trying to go with all the comment requests and winding up with an epic blowup of muse-killing response.)

I am trying this time NOT to be easily swayed. If a comment sounds like it will work within my existing framework, ok, but I'm trying to STICK TO THE PLAN. Such as there is.

A Little Merchant Prince is an IronMan AU crossover/fusion with the classic children's story 'The Little Princess', in which Tony Stark is sent to a boarding school at seven years old, then orphaned and treated like an unpaid servant.

I'm having fun with it, posting nearly every day even if sometimes it's less than 1,000 words.

EDIT: I just checked and the fic is now officially the devil, having got 666 hits. :^)
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