Apr. 12th, 2017

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Various folks have been talking about mouse plagues and catching mice for humane release and somehow I stumbled across this video. This young man kindly attempted to release into the wild a mouse he'd trapped in his wastebasket with unforeseen results when a hawk entered the picture.


I once attempted to release tadpoles I'd raised to tiny froglets. Ducks ate them all in less than a minute. I get the feeling birds think of humans as inept predators who let yummy food get past them.
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I checked up on it a bit, since I knew it had been sold a year or so ago, and the company buying it had made vague noises about changes. I had originally been signed up under my gmail account back when they allowed that, and didn't ask for cell phone info. Once they did that, I signed up with Ipernity and just left my gmail account untouched.

I tried an old link just now


I couldn't remember my password so I asked to get a temporary password sent to my gmail. I got the temporary, and used it and it said because of security problems I needed to make a new password and *update my mobile phone number*. I made a new password and got in to look at my photos. It didn't even ask for the cell phone.

I haven't tried to do anything, so I'm not sure it all works, but it looks hopeful so far.
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