Apr. 17th, 2017

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Yay. That always struck me as bogus.

In the EU, any copyright had expired on Jan. 1, 2017 as it was 70 years past the death of the last survivor author.

In the US the copyright had been sold to a company which had been bought by another company which was taking advantage of various copyright extensions, etc. to make millions off its use in movies, etc.

Someone went to court, and fought it out (lengthy battle with sneakiness) and won.

On June 28, 2016, the final settlement was officially granted and the US court declared that the song was in the public domain & as part of the settlement the company had to give back about $14 million it had made in recent years from the song.

So, next time you see a movie where the character has a birthday, you're likely to hear the song.
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A series of new stories around the world where folks mistook toy animals for real ones and called the police. I have to admit, they looked pretty real! It's interesting how many of them are toy tigers that look almost identical... copycat fake news? I don't know. Still amusing.
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Since I finally got 'round to making a design for tomorrow's contest* deadline I wound up relaxing by googling and found...

A 17th century book of birds-- Made of Feathers The Feather Book was created by Dionisio Minaggio, the Chief Gardener of the State of Milan in 1618.

*the contest themes are often weirdly stated- this was Birds and Blooms and they described it as springtime when the birds are pollinating the flowers... well... SOME birds pollinate, but only a small minority of species. In the US, that's mainly hummingbirds. They don't require the birds to be pollinating, but I thought I'd try to find something interesting... and I wound up with Rainbow Lorikeets, a member of the brush-tongued lory/lorikeet parrot group who eat nectar and do actually pollinate flowers.

Rainbow Lorikeets Love Nectar
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