Apr. 19th, 2017

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Darn it, ONE DAY, just ONE DAY I put off checking the tomato plants until the afternoon, only to discover at least two feet of plants stripped bare by tomato hornworm caterpillars.

I only found two of them- they're camoflaged so good it's hard to find them until they're three inches long and clinging to a bare stem chewing a mouthful of the last bits of leaf.

I pulled them off with tongs and put them in a small bowl and poured liquid hand dishwashing soap over them and then rolled them over with tongs to coat them all over. I don't know where they breathe from, but I must have got them because they wriggled a bit and then went 'oh well, it was nice while it lasted'.

I try really hard not to use poisons- the only exception I'll make is slug-killer, because the kind I use is harmless to everything else (mammals, birds, insects, lizards, etc.), and is actually an iron-rich plant food.

EDIT: I was so annoyed I forgot to water the plants. So I went back out and ...YEP. Another one. They're so huge it seems ridiculous that you can overlook them on a bare stem. Anyway it had a nice bath, too.
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