Apr. 22nd, 2017

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The next 4 Spoonflower contests are all watercolor-- watercolor is HARD. But I tried. The upcoming contest is for Mythical creatures. I gave up on anything fancy and:

Watercolor Woods with Unicorn

And I made another TINY entry into Tic Tac Woe. The minimum word limit is only 300 words, and while I didn't plan it, this storylet was complete at 372 words. I try not to force fics to fit into a word limit box, so it was nice that I didn't have to stretch this.

Scarlet gets the blues

It's been *threatening* to rain all day, but hasn't, so I'm glad I dragged myself out and watered even tho I was tired from pruning the loquat tree yesterday (bulk pickup this Monday, had to try to get it done. Need to do great big orchid tree, but I need more strength. Have to climb a ladder and use a pole saw-- that's exhausting just thinking about it. Maybe next month...) napppp neeed napppp....
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