Apr. 28th, 2017

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I was out in the front yard when I saw a car parking in front of my house. I've become rather militant about confronting people and asking their intentions, parking-wise so they know I'm not a pushover. I went out and conducted my interrogation.

All very polite and friendly. The guy introduced himself as Arnold & we shook hands & I admired his upper arm tattoo (Polynesian appearing lady, surrounded by foliage & hibiscus blooms) & he said he was visiting someone across the street, which is fine, he's not making this his car's permanent home.

I usually can't remember people's names. But Arnold of the Arm Art! That I can remember.
feng_shui_house: me at my computer (Default)
Less than 500 words- it's not that I'm deliberately writing short (even tho the minimum is only 300 words) but once a story says all it needs to, it should end.

O eggs, never fight with stones
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