May. 31st, 2017

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It's got a nice, friendly set of rules (lengthy, but sensible), with a generous amount of control over the prompts you'll get. (Note: The prompts themselves are non-sexual, but that places no limit on the fills.)

Opt -out can exclude up to 7 categories
Opt-in must request at least 3 categories

You can exclude individual prompts from both- up to 5 prompts per category.
For opt out cards you can opt out of both whole categories & individual prompts from other categories.
If a prompt has a 'type' in brackets after it (currently fandom, fiction, art, craft and graphics) that means the prompt is only for that type.

You may ask for ALL prompts of any of the types to be excluded.

It's still open for sign-ups.

Sign-up posts will go up at the start of December and the start of April and will be active for four months before being closed. (this is the prompt list) (this is the signup) (this is the rules)

I used ALL the exclusion types- some because I don't want the hassle of hosting images, some because I only want to write fandom, some because they didn't inspire me at all, and some because the prompts were personal no-nos.

I hope the moderator doesn't mind the extra fussiness- excluded 2 categories, excluded 2 prompt types, excluded 8 individual prompts (5 in one category alone).
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The assassin bug is a type of shield bug. Hmmm...
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I / We have made a mistake Fission Three Wishes Neon Ambiguous
Body Swap / Body Share Phobias Butcher / Baker / Candlestickmaker: Tradesman Woobies Beauty
Sun and Stars Isolation / Loneliness Wild Card Affection Lost Limbs
Trust Housewife / Househusband All the Dead Characters are Living Together Relative values: Families Saudi Arabia
Episode Tags and Missing Scenes The Pursuit of Happiness Use of Symbolism Mystery Triads (Maiden / Mother / Crone, The Fates, Macbeth's Witches, etc.)
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