Jun. 3rd, 2017

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I went out to the trash & saw the stop sign in front of my house was lying on the ground. I thought I could report it online, but turns out you need to telephone. Ok, fine. I called & got a promise they'd send someone. This is Hellholeah, so I'm not really holding my breath.

EDIT: They did send someone within a few hours & now I have 1 and 1/2 stop signs. Looks like the guy stuck the old stop sign back in the ground & put a half height beat up stop sign next to it (the half height one has a flat ground stand with sandbags, so maybe it's like a marker for them to come back and do something more permanent? I dunno. No one EVER stops at the sign, but they usually slow down... maybe 1 1/2 signs will make them slow down more?)

In which I ramble about telephones, nerves, banks, pineapple, ice cream, tomatoes, baby mockingbirds, roses for Beauty & The Beast, etc. )
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