Jun. 14th, 2017

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I have pretty much given up on finding a photo host I can afford, which doesn't have rules defining what type of images allowed, or rules against linking, and which doesn't seem to be teetering on the edge of vanishing. I've still got my LJ Scrapbook and my Flickr account, but both are owned by evil overlords so... who knows if they'll be there tomorrow? Flickr is already making it even harder to link to Spoonflower, with people scrambling to find workarounds, so I haven't even tried it.

I'm going to be deleting most (already dumped about 2,000) of my photos from Ipernity (thus breaking so many links) because their new evil overlords ran a poll wherein the cheapest yearly membership price you could vote for was 50 Euros (and I get charged a currency exchange fee)- previously it was 25 Euros which seemed a bit much considering that linking was very much discouraged (theoretically possible, but you had to load, click,load, click, copy/paste, trim URL for photos one at a time, so extremely time consuming.)

MAYBE it will stay in business under the new management and MAYBE they'll allow the free option which lets you have 200 visible photos. So I'm going to be removing a LOT of stuff that had been on my blog & hoping I'll be able to keep the photos linked to AO3, especially since some of them are illos on other people's works, so I can't even relink them if I upload elsewhere.
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