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I just did the polar bear a few minutes ago, and when I was fixing up to upload I realized I'd done 2 extras for yesterday that I didn't post.

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I took a photo recently of a pair of courting Gulf Fritillary butterflies. So cute. The guy fly came down and was face to face with girl fly and she apparently told him no, not in the mood and he flew away. :^) So today I used the photo as reference to draw them in crayon.


And then, made into a design.

I am STILL stupid with the sleep schedule and have no brain left over. Oh, I missed the eclipse. Eh, whatever.
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sooo sleeepy- I have totally warped my sleep schedule. On the bright side I did at least attempt all the poses in my old Beginner's Yoga book, so maybe I'll get to sleep on time tonight.

Have a few more bison. :^)


I added them to the other one so now there's a herd in a design.

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Really zonked today, going to need 2nd nap of the day, so here's a quick doodle, think otherwise I'll sleep through til tomorrow! Am behind on commenting, sorry, but sooo tired....

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Stayed up til SEVEN A.M. reading fic. So so dumb. Oh, well... so here's a crayon drawing of an American bison (at least I THINK it's an American bison, the European bison/wisent is supposed to have a more hairy tail.)

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I got caught up in reading, and nearly forgot to Naart!

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Today I crayoned first, because the thunderstorm happened earlier in the day, and then I did a couple sketch.io doodles. Pretty sure one is a wolf and the other some kind of owl. :^)

I made yesterday's crayoned horses into a design and then I added today's crayoned horses to that and made another design. I do like drawing on repurposed brown paper, its got texture. :^)

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There was thunder right after I made the fox and ferret, but I was still in an arty mood, so I shut down the 'puter and dug out my crayons & some salvaged brown paper used as padding inside an order from Amazon and went with my old standby, horses.

As ever, click to open full size image in new tab.

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Tried out the 'crayon' tool in sketch.io. Very versatile, you can adjust the width, and the opacity, and you can make the outline different color from the fill, and you can choose from colors, or a set of gradients, or a set of patterns. I mostly went with simple gradients with orange or black or white borders (the white borders on white background work as erasers- and yes, you can change the background, too.)

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It's probably time to admit I'm just plain bone-lazy, isn't it?

Click to open image full size in new tab.

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Once again sketch.io saves the day.

Three quick doodles, using the 'web' drawing tool. Click for full size image to open in a new tab.

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Took FOREVER. I started out using a photo I took at the zoo for reference, and drew a pencil drawing. Then the scanner was EVIL, and I had to restart the scanner and computer several times before it would work. Then I cleaned up the drawing and increased the contrast but it still looked dull, so then I eyedroppered a few colors from the photo and painted a low opacity 'wash' over it and it STILL didn't please me, so then I used the virtual finger painting to smudge it and FINALLY I liked it.

So here, have an all-day gorilla. ;^) Click to open larger size in new tab.

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Too hot for functional brain, and then I conked out and had a nap. But at least there's still the sketch.IO site for doodling.

So have a dragon and a smirky critter of nebulous species.

aug 7 dragon.png
Aug 7 smirky critter.png
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Am v. sleepy today and reading fanfic- found a long story in which Natasha Romanov (from Avengers) is turned into an orange tabby cat. So I drew her. ;^) Click for full size version in new page.

catasha 3.png
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I mentioned a hyena on a leash in a fic yesterday and that started me googling-- in Nigeria there's a group (seems to be all men) who go around with baboons and spotted hyenas on leashes. Conflicting info on WHY. Some sources say they're bankrobbers and debt collectors. Others say they're like traveling circuses. And some say they're Animists and believe the animals give them power...

more stuff about hyenas )
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I'm yawning all over the place, so here's a quick doodle from Sketchpad.


Aug 5 sketchpad Pengie.png
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MiddleEarth Air Safety

The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made #AirNZSafetyVideo

Cat's Christmas Disaster (with happy ending)

Sainsbury’s OFFICIAL Christmas Advert 2015 – Mog’s Christmas Calamity
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The peacock spider group of spiders are very very very tiny. So tiny that you could probably fit a dozen on your thumbnail. So tiny that even though they are venomous they're harmless because their fangs are far too small to bite through our skin.

And the BOYZ dance! They have to dance well because bad dancers get eaten by the girlz.

OMG SO CUTE. Peacock Spider Christmas

Peacock Spider YMCA
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