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Cross posting test! Move along, nothing to see here folks, ignore the werewolf on the lawn...
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I've been wondering about some volunteer plants that sprouted when I planted strawberry spinach seeds.

I've just spent hours tracking it down (it's really hard to ID plants) and I THINK they're Goat Weed, AKA Woolly Croton, AKA Hogwort.

The leaves smell like bay/sage, but it's toxic, I think. It doesn't seem very woolly, but it does smell like sage. I think it's only supposed to grow to maximum 3 foot tall, and is a host plant for the larvae of the Ruddy Daggerwing butterfly- which I've seen only ONCE. So... I guess I'll leave the weeds live.
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Compiled by the members of a Blake's 7 mailing list way way way back. I'd been given permission to post it on my website at the time. Was just looking through my Salvaged drive for photos I'd taken of fruit for upcoming Spoonflower challenge and came across the list.

Thought it might amuse people who hadn't seen it, and also be nostalgic for those who had seen it.

68 reasons )
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I ordered the new Spoonflower 'fill-a-project' deal where you could put up to 42 different designs on one yard of fabric (and have them count as proofing.) I spent hours rearranging stuff so I'd wind up with most of it in sections I could reasonably make into mini projects.

The mail lady brought the printed fabric today. 24 of the 42 are SCALED TOO LARGE. ARG. I had taken a screen shot of the preview so I had proof.

So...THREE hours of gathering data, photographing, uploading, whining to the Spoonflower Flickr group (now that I'm able to use it again) etc. And I finally emailed my complaint.

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388 word Teen Wolf fic. So far 4 fic, 4 fandoms. This is a small Bingo with only 9 squares so half way? Almost.

Cool Headed

Luckily wolves don't mind snow. When winter never ends, this is helpful.
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What's interesting about this plot generator is that it allows you the option of saving the result (it's around 120 words) and sharing the link.

Here's the generator.

And this is the test run I did.

And if you don't want to click links, here's a copy of the test run )
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Less than 500 words- it's not that I'm deliberately writing short (even tho the minimum is only 300 words) but once a story says all it needs to, it should end.

O eggs, never fight with stones
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I was out in the front yard when I saw a car parking in front of my house. I've become rather militant about confronting people and asking their intentions, parking-wise so they know I'm not a pushover. I went out and conducted my interrogation.

All very polite and friendly. The guy introduced himself as Arnold & we shook hands & I admired his upper arm tattoo (Polynesian appearing lady, surrounded by foliage & hibiscus blooms) & he said he was visiting someone across the street, which is fine, he's not making this his car's permanent home.

I usually can't remember people's names. But Arnold of the Arm Art! That I can remember.
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Trying to get into writing mode- here's a less than 1,000 word gen AU in which Howard Stark doesn't want Tony to look on Captain America as a hero.

No Hard Feelings, Cap
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The next 4 Spoonflower contests are all watercolor-- watercolor is HARD. But I tried. The upcoming contest is for Mythical creatures. I gave up on anything fancy and:

Watercolor Woods with Unicorn

And I made another TINY entry into Tic Tac Woe. The minimum word limit is only 300 words, and while I didn't plan it, this storylet was complete at 372 words. I try not to force fics to fit into a word limit box, so it was nice that I didn't have to stretch this.

Scarlet gets the blues

It's been *threatening* to rain all day, but hasn't, so I'm glad I dragged myself out and watered even tho I was tired from pruning the loquat tree yesterday (bulk pickup this Monday, had to try to get it done. Need to do great big orchid tree, but I need more strength. Have to climb a ladder and use a pole saw-- that's exhausting just thinking about it. Maybe next month...) napppp neeed napppp....
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I'm going to try Tic-Tac-Woe- this is a very laidback Bingo challenge. Any fandom (or even original work), fanworks not limited to fic, open interpretation of the prompts, a small card, no deadline, etc. etc.

Got my card )

Wrote my first fic for it. YAY. For the 'All adults/children vanish/die' square. It's a very short crack!fic, an Addams family (1964 TV) fic with Wednesday and Pugsley.

Child's Play
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Spoonflower's latest thing offers a few template choices, all of which allow you to fill 'blanks' with the designs of your choice (either one of yours, or other designers' set for sale designs). They're allowing the purchase of a fill-a-yard to count as proof swatching for ALL the designs used in it, which works out at the moment to be a good deal in the one template- I could get 42 designs proofed for the cost of 30 in the normal system. The squares are a little smaller & have no selvage around them, but I like the price- just need to make 42 designs to try in.

Checking it out for fun and this happened. American Doberman Flag. )
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Darn it, ONE DAY, just ONE DAY I put off checking the tomato plants until the afternoon, only to discover at least two feet of plants stripped bare by tomato hornworm caterpillars.

I only found two of them- they're camoflaged so good it's hard to find them until they're three inches long and clinging to a bare stem chewing a mouthful of the last bits of leaf.

I pulled them off with tongs and put them in a small bowl and poured liquid hand dishwashing soap over them and then rolled them over with tongs to coat them all over. I don't know where they breathe from, but I must have got them because they wriggled a bit and then went 'oh well, it was nice while it lasted'.

I try really hard not to use poisons- the only exception I'll make is slug-killer, because the kind I use is harmless to everything else (mammals, birds, insects, lizards, etc.), and is actually an iron-rich plant food.

EDIT: I was so annoyed I forgot to water the plants. So I went back out and ...YEP. Another one. They're so huge it seems ridiculous that you can overlook them on a bare stem. Anyway it had a nice bath, too.
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(There's a bunch of idiots so stupid they're hilarious.)

*note* There's also a news story that's not remotely funny- customer murders a restaurant worker for telling him smoking isn't allowed. So use your judgement whether you want to read this for the normally stupid people stories.

No, wait, it's ok, this link goes to a count down numbered list of stories *above* that horrible one. Just stop reading when you finish reading NUMBER 1 (edited because LJ now turns octothorpe followed by numbers into a TAG even when in the body of the post!) which is about movie popcorn and you'll be good.

I found one story among the bunch that is actually sweet and heart warming, so I'm putting it here. )
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