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The doxie's the only Sock Critter to get multiple votes. So when I start, that will be the first one. There's still time to vote:

Last night I realized that part of the wall patch had hollow space behind (hadn't stapled all the plastic mesh down and it moved forward) & the space under the AC showing the metal is fugly. I don't have the proper stuff to use, but I had some leftover (really old and a bit moldy on top) tile mastic which is a thick gluey glop that's *supposed* to dry in 24 hours, but realistically it never did for me (climate? heavy handed use?), and you aren't supposed to put an inch of it behind the wall or over a metal frame. So I'm gonna wait a day or two to paint until it at least feels firm, or I run out of patience, whichever comes first.

So, until I paint the wall and move back the stuff that's crowded into a corner, doubt I'll be doing any machine sewing.

ALMOSt done with the cross-stitch, just 2 colors of purple left, lazy daisy flowers and supposed to be French knot buds (but I like Colonial knots better, my French knots fail so often, but the Colonial is always reliable for me.).

Finally got pulled together & called taxi. No answer, left message 20 minutes ago. Hope he's ok.

So, now I'm in my 'going out' clothes instead of my 'hard work and raggy' clothes and don't want to change in case he does call, so I'mma gonna read from my Teen Wolf 'Stiles as fox-shifter/were-fox' folder while I cross-stitch.

Finished the cross-stitching. Taxi guy never returned my call. Maybe I'll nap & do some yard work later, when it's a bit cooler.

Looong nap, and when I woke I discovered that Spoonflower had made changes & I spent time figuring out what questions I wanted to ask & emailing request for info. They are usually pretty good about answering-- certainly better than AO3 who still hasn't given me any reply to my query about private reading collections.

Also, Ipernity finally got around to posting more information about their proposal to change the site to keep it going. I'm not impressed.

It was at the beginning of Jan they said they'd give more info in 'a few', and what's today's big news? A survey about the proposal to make it a non-profit- the survey is all how much would you donate? how much would you pay for year's membership? (and the lowest option to choose is more than twice the current membership fee) and what skills do you have to offer us (for free, of course).

So, really, not telling anything, not a word about how this non-profit would be administered, about how they'd decide what the costs were, about who would hold the funds, about whether there would be different membership levels- (would paying twice as much as I do now give me the same options, or would I be limited? For $50 a year, there are other photo hosts where I could read what I'd get for my money.)

There's a deadline of FIVE DAYS to fill out the survey- after three weeks of telling us nothing? And they're not even notifying people about the survey- it's only mentioned on Ipernity's own news blog so most people who use Ipernity don't even know the site is in financial straits, and certainly won't know about the survey. If they can't even keep us informed when they're asking our opinion, I don't have much hope they're organized enough to succeed.

And LJ has moved their servers to Moscow, so I'm casting a doubtful eye on LJ's scrapbook.

I tried looking at pics one of my flist posted to her blog, hosted on Photobucket. The images were so tiny I couldn't see them on the blog, so I tried going to Photobucket. Slow, ad-ridden, and when I DID get to see a pic (I opened them in separate tabs to try to cut down on the waiting) the tabs didn't even want to close! Click... wait. wait. wait. CLICK....wait, wait, oh, crap, now several tabs closed at once.

So I'm not too thrilled about Photobucket, either. *sigh*


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